Actor Charlie Hunnam feels like his career went downhill after working in Sons of Anarchy. The actor has established himself as a well-known name in the television industry, however, it was not the same for the film industry. He has starred in several movies like Pacific Rim (2013), Crimson Peak (2015), King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017), and Triple Frontier (2019).

After wrapping up Sons of Anarchy, the actor experienced some major changes in his life that forced him to change his priorities. He lost his father in 2013 and that forced him to make several career decisions that he may regret now.

Charlie Hunnam played the role of Jackson “Jax” Teller in the series Sons of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

Actor Charlie Hunnam became a household name thanks to his work in the drama series Sons of Anarchy. He played the role of Jackson “Jax” Teller for six years and seven seasons. The actor has always been grateful for the role and also had a hard time moving on from it. He admitted that he used to visit the sets after the show ended,

“I knew the security guards and for a couple of days said, ‘Oh, I forgot something.’ So they’d let me onto the set, and I’d just walk around at night because I wanted to be in that environment and go through a personal process of saying goodbye.”

The next tough phase in Hunnam’s life was choosing what he wants to do after Sons of AnarchyThe actor has now completely shifted to movies.

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The actor turned down Fifty Shades of Grey

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam

Not a lot of people know that Charlie Hunnam was offered to play the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey as he was the first preference. However, he turned it down as he lost his father at the time. His fans were wondering how this decision will impact his future as this opportunity could have changed the trajectory of his career. There is no doubt that the actor even has the looks of a model but he once expressed that he wishes to gain fame for his hard work and not his appearance.

Hunnam once said that he wishes to play the role of his father in a movie that is solely about his life. He described it as “a biographical family drama about love and conflict between ambition and family.

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Charlie Hunnam feels like he is “one failed movie away from being unemployable

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam

During his time on Sons of Anarchy, the actor didn’t have to worry about being unemployed. He was getting fame and a decent salary. He once told The Talks that he feels like one failed movie will end his career,

“It’s a tricky thing to quantify one’s career because in some ways I am in a position where I want to be, I am getting to work with good directors and tell interesting stories … But I always feel like I am one failed movie away from being unemployable.”

The actor’s priorities completely changed after he lost his father and ended Sons of Anarchy. He is now a martial arts master and regularly hits the gym to stay in shape. He also explained that he was a big spender but as he grew older, he realized that money doesn’t really buy happiness. The actor is also well known for his philanthropic work, supporting various charities and organizations that support environmental and social causes.

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