In the official synopsis for “A Flash of Lightning,” the second episode of the upcoming sixth season of the show, John Wesley Shipp returns to The Flash. We are not yet sure in the episode which character will be played by the veteran actor (who played Barry Allen on the TV series of the 1990s). Flash is set to return for this season’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” but the latest teaser trailer for the first batch of episodes included Shipp as Jay Garrick, Earth-3’s Flash and Barry’s father Henry’s doppelgangers.

Jay Garrick’s appearance uncertain

The admired hero Flash
The admired hero Flash

It is not yet clear whether Jay Garrick will also appear in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” although if he did, Garrick would not be the only person to play multiple roles: Brandon Routh will play both Ray Palmer/The Atom and Clark Kent/Superman.

Standard bearer for The Flash

Shipp was the standard-bearer for The Flash for years; the first time anybody made a serious run at a live-action version of the character, Shipp’s series was ambitious and stylish, but failed to connect with a mass audience and was cancelled after a single season. Still, he remained a fan favourite, appearing at conventions and always taking time out with the audience. His original appearance on The Flash, as Barry’s ill-fated father Henry in the series’ pilot, was celebrated by fans, who downright lost it when they found out he would be a speedster again. You can see the official synopsis below.

John Weasley Shipp As a guest star

Flash film poster
Flash film poster

Faced with the news of his impending death, Barry’s (Grant Gustin) resiliency suffers as he struggles to fight fate. Meanwhile, Cecile’s (Danielle Nicolet) career as a D.A. conflicts with her identity when she crosses paths with a villainous meta-human. Chris Peppe directed the episode, which was written by Sam Chalsen & Jeff Hersh.

The Flash season six will debut on October 8, 2019.

Source: Comicbook, Sunriseread

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