The next Batman, AKA Jace Fox, is dealing with the fallout from Fear State:

A Still of Jace Fox as the new Batman
A Still of Jace Fox as the new Batman from I Am Batman #4

The future Batman, AKA Jace Fox, is dealing with the consequences of the Fear State in a forthcoming comic. The storyline officially ends with “I Am Batman,” which follows the Scarecrow’s rampage through the tyrant Magistrate. As Tim “Jace” Fox assumes the mantle of the Dark Knight, he encounters new foes and grows into his job as Gotham’s newest protector. There is still a lot to finish up with the events of Fear State before he heads out on his journey as the new Batman. While Bruce Wayne traverses the world in the next Abyss narrative cycle to solve a mystery, Gotham is reliant on Jace.

The synopsis and cover for I Am Batman #4 by DC Comics:

A Still Of The cover for I Am Batman #4 by DC Comics
A Still Of The cover for I Am Batman #4 by DC Comics

The narrative and cover for I Am Batman #4, which was issued as a preview by DC Comics, promised Jace Fox’s future as the Dark Knight. The future issue will follow Jace as he is pursued by a hit crew from the Magistrate. John Ridley will pen I Am Batman #4, with art by Segovia and Christian Duce, colours by Rex Lokus, and writing by Troy Peteri. Stephen Segovia’s cover features a dark Batman standing in the rain, as depicted in the announcement. The primary cover is by Gerardo Zaffino, with a cardstock version by Rafael Sarmento and another variant by Max Dunbar on the way. On Tuesday, December 14, I Am Batman #4 will be available in digital and print form.

What does the upcoming issue hint about Jace Fox’s time as Batman?

 John Ridley Is The Writer For The Upcoming Comic I Am Batman #4
John Ridley Is The Writer For The Upcoming Comic I Am Batman #4

The forthcoming issue suggests that Jace Fox’s tenure as Batman is just getting started, which is perfect given that Bruce is out of town. His stint as the vigilante began with Future State: The Next Batman and continued with The Next Batman: Second Son, giving new readers plenty of material to get to know Gotham’s newest defender. Many members of the bat family have worn the cowl throughout the years, with Dick Grayson, AKA Nightwing, taking on the role most prominently during Batman: Battle for the Cowl. It was only a matter of time before the status quo was restored and Bruce Wayne reappeared, although things are a little different now in the DC Universe. Because Bruce hasn’t stood down from his fight against crime, and Jace is only becoming a backup Batman, he doesn’t feel the same strain that Grayson did. When Jace took over as Batman in the midst of the Magistrate’s rule, he didn’t have much of a choice. Gotham City had never been in such a bad state before, and now he had to clean up the tyrant’s trash. Based on the cover, it appears like Lucius Fox’s son is beginning to adopt Batman’s agitated state, understanding that the Fear State was not a clear solution to the city’s numerous issues.

Source: DC Comics

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