Red Skull was one of the biggest surprises in Avengers: Infinity War. Red Skull was the villain in Captain America: The First Avenger during Phase One of MCU. However, the character still managed to make a huge impact in just one scene in Infinity War.

During the scene, Red Skull guides Thanos in his quest to attain the Soul Stone by subsequently murdering his daughter Gamora. The Russo brothers have recently revealed that the Red Skull is now free from his curse of being a guide to the Soul Stone and he can return to terrorize his foes once again.

“Red Skull is free to leave Vormir and is also free to fulfill his desire to obtain an Infinity Stone,” Joe Russo said. This revelation can be considered important, given that Red Skull’s fate in MCU was uncertain after Infinity War.

Earlier in Captain America, Red Skull got zapped across the cosmos and ended on planet Vormir. In Infinity War, we get to learn that he failed to attain a Stone himself and is now cursed to guide people through to the Soul Stone. His curse lifted once Thanos attained the Soul Stone.

The creators went on to explain the importance of Red Skull in the MCU as he is the first one in MCU, seen to be obsessed with the Infinity Stones in Captain America. However, Hugo Weaving who played the character in Captain America did not reprise it in Infinity War. Red Skull was portrayed perfectly by Ross Marquand in Infinity War. The directors even revealed that Red Skull can continue to impact MCU in the future.

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