Infinity War managed to bring in nearly every hero in the MCU together. But if you would have noticed carefully, the film did not showcase the two biggest names in the franchise, sharing the screen even once. Yes, we are talking about Tony Stark and Steve Rogers here. Both might have fought against the same enemy in the film but they didn’t face each other at any point.

The separation of the two shouldn’t come as a surprise, given how they left things after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Moreover, it made sense for the two to stay away from each other in the film. However, this wasn’t the case in the beginning. In the early drafts of the film, Steve and Tony had a scene together in the film’a beginning when Bruce calls them back to the facility. This has been revealed by director Joe Russo and Screenwriter Stephen McFeely in the commentary track of Infinity War.

Russo explained that all these characters are ultimately heroes and irrespective of their personal differences, they will always invite each other in case of an alien invasion. However, the creators even tried filming the scene with the two multiple times but it never came out right.

Finally, they avoided their meeting scene in the film as it was really awkward and made the plot complicated. The characters continued on their separate journey in the film as Tony fought Thanos in space while Steve fought him in Wakanda.

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