Infinity War is now out in digital HD for us to watch. It was an epic movie with so many defining moments that we can watch it over and over again. The film brought about 60 comic book characters to life, creating history and becoming the biggest blockbuster of all times.

Since the advent of MCU with Iron Man, all 18 preceding films in the past decade paved the Marvel universe in a way which led to this epic clash between Thanos and Avengers. The wait was totally worth the time right from the beginning where fans saw a jaw-dropping clash between Thanos and Hulk. The Mad Titan destroyed Hulk, who was eventually saved by Heimdall as he sent Hulk to Earth.


Since that moment, we see a totally different version of Hulk in the movie. This Hulk is not a powerful monster but is rather scared to come out. Throughout the movie, Hulk refuses to come out shouting, “NOOOOOO!” when Banner tried to summon him out. This led us to believe that Hulk is now scared to come out and fight. But are we right? Well, seems like no. Director Joe Russo has revealed that maybe Hulk is not hiding and he’s not scared.


Russo went on to say that Hulk always loves a good fight and is never scared to take a healthy beating from anyone. What happened with him in Infinity War was just a reflective of his journey from Ragnarok.

“Hulk and Banner have always been in conflict with each other over control and maybe Hulk feels that Banner only needs him when he has to fight. I think he’s had enough of saving Banner’s ass,” said Joe.

So does the Hulk just want to rest now? During his time on Planet Sakaar, Hulk never allowed Banner to take over but during the battle in Wakanda, he denied Banner’s pleas. Banner had to rely on his intelligence throughout the battle. Even Screenwriter Christopher Markus confirmed this by saying that Hulk is tired of playing a hero to Banner all the time, especially after what the heroes did to him after he went rogue in Age Of Ultron. (Sending him to outer space in a ship, which lands him onto Sakaar)


Markus went on to say that out of all the 23 heroes, Banner got his brief one-line arc in Infinity War where his relationship is getting more and more dysfunctional with Hulk. This makes sense as a solo movie on the character is not happening anytime soon. Even Mark Ruffalo confirmed in an interview that Ragnarok is the beginning of a Hulk trilogy which would end with Avengers 4.

We really hope that Banner manages to make peace with his inner self and redefines himself in Avengers 4.

What do you think about the revelation by the filmmakers on Hulk? Let us know in the comments.

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