Marvel”s Infinity War is finally here.The fans will enjoy this 2 hours 40 minute movie alot but do they know the biggest difference b/w the comics and the movie.We must now dissect the film, analyse each moment, and compare the cinematic opus to its comic book version to see what was lost or modified in translation. Here are
the 10 biggest differences with Infinity War on-screen and in comics!


Infinity War is an evocative title and makes the reader take notice, which is
probably why Marvel opted to not use the more appropriate name Infinity
Gauntlet. For those not in the know, Infinity War was actually the sequel to
Infinity Gauntlet, and the movie that everyone is going to see contains more or
less the plots to the Marvel events known as Thanos Quest and Infinity
Gauntlet. In Thanos Quest, Thanos all by himself collected the six Infinity
stones to wipe out half the Marvel Universe. With all the stones assembled in
his Infinity Gauntlet those remaining Marvel heroes go to attack Thanos,
including such heavy hitters as the Celestials and Galactus. Eventually Thanos is
thwarted by Nebula and the gauntlet falls into the possession of Adam
Warlock, who in order to be a fair God, dispels the good and evil from his
system to try and remain neutral in his decisions. The evil portion of himself
became the Magus, who went on to create evil doppelgangers of the Marvel
heroes to take over the Universe — that becomes the plot of the comics
Infinity War.



At the end of the film Infinity War, we see Thanos in a modest hut in the most
literal sense of the term chilling like a villain. He smiles as he watches the sun
set on the planet he’s on. This mirrors the ending of Infinity Gauntlet; in the
comics, he’s taken his iconic costume, turned it into a scarecrow, and has taken
to a peaceful life of farming. However, he took to tilling fields because he had
lost his godhood and was taking his loss with dignity. In Avengers: Infinity War,
he is in a plain hut out of choice and satisfied that his plans came to fruition;
there’s nothing left for him to do. Also in the comics, his granddaughter Nebula
played a key role in his demise. After Thanos became one with the living
universe, Nebula managed to sneak over to Thanos’ physical body, pull off his
gauntlet, and undo all of the damage that he did to the universe. The robotic
appearance of Nebula also doesn’t occur until much later in the character’s
history in the comics.



There’s a very good reason to be afraid of the Hulk. He’s a machine of
destruction. His base power level is 100, meaning he can lift 100 tons, and
that’s before he gets angry. Whereas most combatants tire out, the longer
Hulk fights, the angrier he gets; and the angrier he gets, the stronger he
becomes. In Thanos Quest, Thanos fights a guy that calls himself The Champion
of the Universe who spends his time going from planet to planet looking for
good fights. The Champion leaps at Thanos and Thanos teleports away, but his
impact shatters and literally destroys the planet they were on. While fighting
the Champion, Thanos remarked to himself that he imagined this is what
fighting the Hulk must be like and that is a fight that he has sought to avoid. In
the opening 15 minutes of Avengers: Infinity War, not only does Heimdall and
Loki get easily dispatched, Thanos also takes on Hulk in hand to hand combat.
Keep in mind that Thanos already retrieved the Power Stone from the Nova
Corps, so his strength and lack of fear may have come from the fact that he
had an Infinity Stone in his possession. Thanos thrashes Hulk soundly, to the
point where later in the film, Hulk prevents Banner’s transformations into the
Hulk, so that he doesn’t have to be seen again.



Dave Bautista’s performance as the strong and hilarious Drax was one of the
highlights of Guardians of the Galaxy. Besides Nebula and Gamora, Drax’s
origins have extremely close ties to Thanos. In the Guardians of the Galaxy, we
find out that his family was killed by Ronan the Accuser and in a deleted scene
we learn that his body is covered with tattoos that tell narrative explaining
substantial elements in his life. Although quite poetic and cinematic, these
elements are not present in the comics, and with the exception of his green
skin, the comic and cinematic versions are quite different. In the comics, Drax
is a human named Arthur Douglas. While driving with his family, his car is
destroyed by Thanos and everyone is killed. Douglas is resurrected by several
Eternals and turned into Drax The Destroyer, whose sole purpose is killing
Thanos. Whereas the movie depiction of Drax makes him look like an assassin,
the comic version has him sporting a cape and a giant WWE championship-
sized belt. The movie version of Drax takes people literally, leading to
humorous misunderstandings. The comic book version was quite dumb, and
during the attack on Thanos, Drax inexplicably attacks Hulk.



Although we see Benedict Cumberbatch cast spells against Dormammu and
Kaecilius, Avengers: Infinity War is the first time where we really see Doctor
Strange really cut loose. Strange assaults Thanos with a variety of awe-inspiring
spells. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, none of Strange’s spells are verbal
incantations, so it’s difficult to determine what he was doing, but Strange
magically duplicated himself, tapped into the mirror universe, and even used
binding spells that may have been the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. As
impressive as this was, it was not true to the comic, because in the comics
Strange had a different role to play. In the comics, Earth’s heroes go head to
head with Thanos and the results are quite bloody. Although Doctor Strange
with all of his mystical knowledge would be able to give Thanos by himself a
run for his money, Strange is tasked with doing rescue and repair. Those that

fought Thanos and were wounded, but not mortally, were ushered off the
battlefield, healed, then sent back to fight against the Mad Titan.



In Avengers: Infinity War, The Black Order consisted of Corvus Glave, Ebony
Maw, Proxima Midnight, and Cull Obsidian. Thanos used the Order to help him
obtain all six of the Infinity Gems. There were times, however, when Thanos
didn’t need their help at all. For example, when Thanos fought and defeated
the Hulk aboard the Asgardian ship the Black Order merely watched from the
sidelines. Even during the climactic battle with the Avengers on the planet
Titan, the Black Order was nowhere to be found. The Black Order did give the
Avengers a well-fought battle on Wakanda over Vision’s Infinity Stone, but
again, in the end, it was taken off of him by Thanos himself. Is the Black Order
more effective in the comics? For one, the Black Order doesn’t appear in
Thanos Quest when he first retrieves all of the Infinity Stones, The Infinity
Gauntlet the comic book that the third Avengers sequel is based off of or even
Infinity War the sequel to Infinity Gauntlet that has almost nothing to do with
Avengers: Infinity War. The Black Order does appear in the series Infinity, but
the plot involves the search for Thane, the son of Thanos. In the comics the
Black Order has additional members that didn’t make it to the screen
Supergiant and Black Swan.



In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos travelled to Nidavellir to have the Asgardian
dwarves construct a glove for him that would allow him to tap into the power
of the Infinity Stones. After the dwarf king Eitri helped in the Infinity Gauntlet’s
production, Thanos killed the rest of the dwarves and covered Eitri’s hands in
metal so he couldn’t create anything else. As luck would have it, Thor also
arrived at Nidavellir in order to produce a new weapon to fight with. Eitri told
Thor about what Thanos had done, and he helped Thor craft a new weapon

called Storm breaker. In the comics, as powerful as the Infinity Gauntlet was, it
had a different origin. The Infinity Stones in the comics are quite powerful, but
can be handled and touched without the fear of being harmed. Interfacing
with the stones requires special ability, and such Stone wielders as Adam
Warlock and Moondragon wore the stone in the center of their forehead and
tapped into its potential. At one point Reed Richards even wore the Infinity
Gauntlet and utilized its power. In the comics, Richards simply wore the
Gauntlet and didn’t require any additional means to utilize its power. The
Gauntlet was merely one of the gloves that Thanos wore.



In the past 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve been seeing the
Infinity Stones appear in a variety of films ranging from Guardians of the
Galaxy, Age of Ultron to Doctor Strange. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos
enacts his master plan and along with the Black Order goes about collecting
the Stones from all of those in its possession. This plot borrows from the
Marvel comic series Thanos Quest, in which Thanos by himself collects the
Infinity Stones to form the Infinity Gauntlet. Those holding the stones in
Infinity Gauntlet in the comics were a very different collection of people than
in Infinity War. In the MCU, The Asgardians had the Space Stone, The Collector
had the Reality Stone, the Nova Corps had the Power Stone, Vision had the
Mind Stone, Doctor Strange had the Time Stone. Infinity War revealed that the
Soul Stone was on the planet Vormir under the watch of Red Skull. In the
comics, the stones are primarily in possession by members of a race called The
Elders of the Universe. The Soul Gem was being held by the In-Betweener. The
Power Stone was used by The Champion of the Universe and the Time Gem
was held by the Gardner. The Collector had the Reality Gem, The Runner had
the Space Gem and the Grandmaster had the Mind Gem.



In Avengers: Infinity War, Ebony Maw, along with Cull Obsidian, arrive on Earth
to take the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. Maw is unable to remove it due
to protection spells cast by Strange, so he kidnaps Strange and brings him
aboard Maw’s ship. Doctor Strange is tortured by Maw but is rescued by Iron
Man and Spider-Man, who eject the Maw into the coldness of space. Maw’s
time with Strange is short but memorable. However, in the comics, the
relationship between Ebony Maw and Doctor Strange played out quite
differently. In the Marvel event Infinity, Thanos is looking not for the Infinity
Stones but for his son Thane. This is where Thanos uses the Black Order to help
him in his search to find his offspring. Ebony Maw came to Earth and was able
to mentally control Doctor Strange without his knowledge. Maw used Strange
to find Thane’s location in Greenland, then was able to make the Doctor forget
that he ever performed the search in the first place. In the comics, the
confrontation between Strange and Ebony Maw was not as physical as in
Avengers: Infinity War and fans were somewhat disappointed to see that the
battle pass so quickly.



In the Guardians of the Galaxy, while visiting the Collector, his assistant Carina
grabbed the Power Stone and she is so overwhelmed by power that she
explodes. During the climax of the movie, Ronan The Accuser’s weapon
containing the Power Stone is destroyed by Drax, and Peter Quill is able to
catch the stone with his bare hands. Quill meets his father in Guardians of the
Galaxy Vol. 2 and Ego remarks how amazing it was that he was able to handle
an Infinity Stone. The Marvel Cinematic Universe makes it clear that even
making physical contact with the Infinity Stones could be extremely deadly. In
the comics, the stones seem to be a bit more user friendly. After the Infinity
Gauntlet saga, the Infinity Gems were given to Adam Warlock and the Infinity
Watch. Some members sported the gems on their forehead, whereas there
was a running gag on where Pip the Troll was hiding his, with the implication
that he was a fan of Christopher Walken’s performance in Pulp Fiction.
Eventually the Stones made their way to the Illuminati, which consisted of such
powerhouses as Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Namor and Professor Charles Xavier

to name a few. These men had no problems physically holding the stones even
though each one possessed immense power.



Thanks to the Nidavellir blacksmith Eitri, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon,
Thor was able to forge a new weapon to replace The Mjolnir. While his
trusty hammer was destroyed by his sister Hela Thor knew he needed a
mighty weapon to take down Thanos. Groot’s sacrifice of an arm
provided the handle for Stormbreaker, Thor’s new weapon that he used
to fight the Outriders attacking Wakanda and ultimately used against
Thanos. The Marvel Cinematic Universe did some cherrypicking when it
came to Thor’s new weapon, because it’s a combination of several
weapons that have been seen in the comics. In the comics, Thor has
wielded other weapons besides Mjolnir, but never Stormbreaker. That
weapon belonged to Beta Ray Bill, a cybernetic horse-looking alien who
gained an Asgardian hammer after defeating Thor in combat and
managing to lift Mjolnir, himself. Beta Ray Bill made a “cameo” of sorts
in the MCU; a statue of his head can be found in the Grandmaster’s
Tower in Thor: Ragnarok. Stormbreaker in Avengers: Infinity War looks
like a cross between Jarnbjorn, a weapon that Thor wielded before he
was worthy enough to hold Mjolnir, and the Ultimate Thor’s Mjolnir.
Ultimate Mjolnir was also wielded by Volstagg when it crossed into the
main Marvel universe, where it empowered him as the short-lived War

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