Avengers: Infinity War is undoubtedly the most iconic Marvel film till date. The movie contained numerous shocking yet exciting scenes which had all fans on the edge of their seats. The movie also had a much-discussed school bus scene, which included Peter Parker. This scene confirmed the existence of Spider-Sense in the MCU. However, the Russo brothers have revealed recently that the shot wasn’t really created how fans thought it was.

Most of us think and believe that the scene was created using a lot of CGI effects but as revealed by the Russos in the Infinity War commentary track, the shot was taken using a very unorthodox method of getting the desired effect.

When discussing about how Tom Holland’s arm hair stood up in the film, Anthony Russo revealed that the scene was suprisingly shot by a very gentle blowing on Holland’s ear. This means that the Russos actually created the shot by giving Tom legitimate goosebumps by lightly blowing air on his ear. Now imagine, how many times someone had to blow lightly into his ear in a creepy way during the filming of that scene.

In any case, the Marvel fans got to witness the best Cinematic expression of Spider-sense on big screen till date.

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