What Happens To Asgard?

Since the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok till the end of Endgame, the MCU fans have been put through the wringer. But only a few have suffered as much as the Asgardians.

The people of Asgard watched their homeland being taken over by an evil god and then destroyed by a fire giant. Half of those survivors got dusted away by Thanos and his Black Order army. While the rest were snapped out of existence when Thanos obtained the Infinity Stones.



While this may sound cruel to some, here’s a theory that explains why Thanos decided to be harsh on the Asgardian population. Have a look:

The reason Thanos essentially left 25% of Asgardians alive is their age of 5000 years from r/marvelstudios

Those who survived Thanos’ snap are likely to look toward to Thor’s guidance. But maybe, just maybe, they should be thanking Loki for help.


Loki actor Tom Hiddleston spoke about his character’s growth. Over the course of five Marvel films, he thinks Loki has been redeemed because of his helping nature.

“The thing is, he is redeemed. I found it very touching because Loki, as a character, has been so broken for so long,” Tom Hiddleston said at ACE Comic Con. “I think he has been very fragile after those traumatic events in the first film when he finds out that he was adopted. His father had also left him to die, so he has internalized that shame of being abandoned.”

Hiddleston elaborated on this, throwing some light as to why would he even join Thanos during the events of the Avengers film.

“And all of that shame has turned into something harder and angrier, which is why he becomes the villain he becomes,” Hiddleston continued. “He comes down to earth, he tries to subjugate it, he becomes a villain, in every sense of the word. He’s motivated by hatred and anger. Then he loses his mother and he’s still not self-aware, in that way.”

Source: Comicbook.com, Reddit

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