There are hidden details in some TV series that have a strong meaning to another movie.

Be it the streaming giant Netflix or Amazon Prime, we are absolutely in love with TV shows, and when, as fans, when we get obsessed with a particular series, we can’t leave until the series is dusted. It doesn’t matter how long the season may be, we can finish it in one single night. And then, we even wait for the next seasons. These TV shows are so full of comedy, entertaining, and also, full of drama, and suspense that fans can go on binge-watching them.

However, have you noticed the hidden details in TV shows? Only true fans notice them. We bring to you 5 interesting hidden details in TV shows that you might not have noticed.


In “Game of Thrones”, it is a belief that if a Dothraki loses upon a fight, he should cut off his long hair. The logic is the longer the braid is, the stronger the warrior is in reality.

Khaleesi's braids
Khaleesi’s braids

Khaleesi added braids as she became the queen of Khalasar.


Notice the way John Watson types for his blog in “Sherlock”?

John Watson in Sherlock (BBC)
John Watson in Sherlock (BBC)

Watson only uses two fingers for typing the blog. A typing technique of Victorian times due to the original “Sherlock Holmes” stories that took place during the Victorian times.


The Handmaid’s Tale is a stroty about a totalitarian society where women can’t really read, study, or work. This is the reason why the filmmakers have used the hand sign instead of a stop sign.

The Handmaid's Tale
The Handmaid’s Tale


The Crwon
The Crown

In the series, The Crown, whenever the Queen takes part an important meeting with a PM or she even she delivers a speech, she prefers wears a necklace. Queen Elizabeth II also has three necklaces that she loves to wears to important occasions.


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