On King Charles III’s coronation ceremony on 6 May 2023, many members of the Royal family showed up to celebrate the crowning of the new king of England. But the Duke of York’s appearance at Westminster Abbey reminded many about the lawsuit which was filed against him. Prince Andrew was accused of s**ually assaulting a 17-year-old girl.

Prince Andrew at the Coronation Ceremony of King Charles III
Prince Andrew at the Coronation Ceremony of King Charles III

The case was registered in the United States of America by Virginia Giuffre, who claimed that Prince Andrew s**ually assaulted her.

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Netizens grilled the royal family for honoring Prince Andrew 

King Charles and Prince Andrew
King Charles and Prince Andrew

Duke of York Prince Andrew arrived at Westminster Abbey to honor the new King of England. His arrival went viral on the internet and many people commenced again about his lawsuit. People questioned why was a se**al assaulter given all the royal privileges and honors at the coronation ceremony. Although the case was dismissed in March 2022, and the Duke of York never faced any trial, people speculated power won over justice. The coronation crowd at King Charles III’s ceremony booed Prince Andrew when he arrived.

Right after Prince Andrew showed up at King Charles III’s coronation ceremony, his pictures were uploaded by many people. Netizens talked about the lawsuit filed by Giuffre against Prince Andrew. Many were siding with him as some people said no proof was found that he was guilty, but there was a slew of comments against the Duke of York. His arrival has scratched the old wounds.

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The case was settled between Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre

Prince Andrew at an event
Prince Andrew at an event

In 2021, Giuffre filed a case against Prince Andrew that said the Dork of York s**ually assaulted her on 3 occasions. She even claimed the charges for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Although the Duke of York denied the charges against him, people thought Giuffre was the victim. Giuffre’s lawyers claimed that Prince Andrew was responsible for Giuffre’s severe and long-lasting emotional distress.

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In March the two parties settled the matter, and as per reports, Prince Andrew paid Giuffre a handsome amount of money to settle the case outside the court. This case never faced a trial and when the news came out that Giuffre had settled, many people lashed out at her. Giuffre’s lawyer wrote in a letter,

“The parties will file a stipulated dismissal upon Ms Giuffre’s receipt of the settlement (the sum of which is not being disclose).”

The letter also said that Prince Andrew will make a “substantial donation to Ms. Giuffre’s charity in support of victims’ rights”. This letter was written to US Judge Lewis A Kaplan by Giuffre’s lawyers. People thought the law lost against a triumph of money and power over justice. When many people and publication houses asked Buckingham Palace for their statement on this lawsuit against Prince Andrew, they denied giving a statement on this. Reportedly people called Buckingham Palace hypocrites for not standing against Prince Andrew.  

Source: Twitter; BBC

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