Stan Lee’s appearance in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was composed before his wife Joan died, however, recorded after – and the outcome is a different interpretation of his appearance than the past Spider-Man films.

Maybe it was a longing to see some more hope on the planet, however, the line that in the end made into the film was somewhat brighter than the version they had arranged previously.

“The thing that was interesting for us is that it evolved,” co-director Rodney Rothman told IndieWire. “We recorded it a year ago and it was not that long after his wife [Joan] had passed away. We had versions that tried a little harder to be funnier and tried a little harder to be harder. What ended up in the movie were the lines that had the most meaning to him.”

The line had a joke prepared into it – Stan Lee played a costume shop proprietor who sold Miles his first costume, and there was a “no discounts or returns”- sign in the shop – however, the version he ran with was more insightful than bittersweet.

At a certain point, when Miles asked whether he could return it on the off chance that it didn’t fit, Lee said “it never fits,” yet the version that made into the film was “it always fits – eventually.”

The scene felt much impactful since the film hit theatres soon after Lee himself passed away, making this his first after-death Marvel film appearance (he had made a concise appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet also, despite the fact that it was not a Marvel film).

Actually, Lee’s cameo appearances achieved an unheard level this year, when he showed up in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (Warner Bros./DC); Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Marvel by Sony); Venom (Marvel by Sony); Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War (Marvel Studios); and Ralph Breaks the Internet (Disney/Pixar).

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