Amazon Prime Video is leveling up its OTT game with shows that are impactful and entertaining for the masses. From the burgeoning anticipation for the next chapter of The Boys to the latest season of Invincible garnering incredible reviews, fans can expect only greatness from the superheroes in the Prime Video universe. Friendly banter between the official X accounts of both shows took place recently, making fans leave hilarious comments and suggestions.

Invincible Poses an Intriguing Question to The Boys


The second season of the animated series Invincible premiered recently. Along with great reviews from the masses and critics alike, the show furthered Mark Grayson’s story as he navigates the world of power and comes to terms with his responsibilities as a superhero. He faces off against a multiversal villain called Angstrom Levy as his father Omni-Man dives into the complexities of the Viltrumites on another planet.

Given the prevalence of the multiverse, when Grayson is thrust into different dimensions by Levy, he encounters Agent Spider and a version of Batman. Though we don’t see the Caped Crusader on screen, a part of his cape is visible as Invincible talks to him about being a man dressed as a bat. “That’s just lazy writing,” he says.

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The official Invincible account on X plays on this dialogue and asks why they are called The Seven when there are seldom seven people on their team. Homelander’s ever-evolving ego and anger don’t let anyone even remotely as powerful as him stay on the team. Invincible further asks why they don’t change the name of the team. In response, The Boys account replies in the affirmative as they agree with the dilemma.

Season 3 of The Boys took Butcher’s rivalry with Homelander to another level as the former began injecting himself with Compound V to be as strong as the latter and defeat him easily. With immense showdowns and shocking twists, the season heightened the excitement among the fans. Moreover, intertwining the stories of its spinoff Gen V with the main storyline of The Boys was a smart move. It ensures fans always have the overarching story of the Vought universe on their mind, hence increasing the recall value of the projects.

Why are there never seven members in The Seven?

The Boys Prime Video
The Boys

We agree with Invincible that Vought should either change the name of the superhero ensemble or align the name with the number of members in the team. However, when Vought began the project to gather a team of superhumans and present them as saviors of the planet, they did not account for Homelander’s ego and insecurities. Homelander, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, Mister Marathon, Lamplighter, Translucent, and The Deep were the first superheroes to be a part of The Seven.

The way Homelander treats other people in the team is no secret to the viewers. He repeatedly humiliates The Deep and Queen Maeve. Even A-Train has faced the wrath of Homelander on many occasions. A savior and protector on the surface, Homelander is a deeply troubled man who fixates on every tiny issue and never fails to show that he’s in charge.

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The Boys
Antony Starr as Homelander

He’s the primary reason why Vought can never have seven people on the team. He has unbelievable standards for people who can be a part of The Seven and then kills them as a means to test their strength. On a deeper level, it feels as if he wants to be the only superhero left because that would mean no one could threaten his stand in society.

Three seasons of The Boys and two seasons of Invincible are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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