A day before the massive release of Epic Games’ Avengers: Endgame event on Fortnite, a teaser has been shared for preview. This will be likely the last teaser for the event, which shows one of the skins that comes with the iconic Iron Man suit. The teaser is extremely revealing than the earlier ones, but we still don’t know the full details for what has been planned by Epic Games for the event.

Iron Man Teaser Shared By Epic Games

The image was shared on the Twitter account of Fortnite, which seems on schedule with the way the crossover event has been teased by Epic Games earlier on. After the initial two teasers released by Epic Games which featured Captain America’s shield and Thor’s Stormbreaker, as both will be massive parts of Endgame. With this, we have now completed the core Avengers cast for event.

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Thor's Stormbreaker in Fortnite image
Thor’s Stormbreaker in Fortnite image

What is Epic Games Teasing with Avengers images?

Captain America's shield in Fortnite Avengers event preview
Captain America’s shield in Fortnite Avengers event preview

There are a couple of theories for what Epic Games may be teasing with the images about the upcoming event. Looking at the way Thor’s weapon is held by Fortnite skins, it gives some credence to an idea that Avengers may appear in the Fortnite items shop. The game already has skins and a pickaxe to select from. The Avengers accessories and outfits may also become a profitable collection for Fortnite.

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The second theory is, similar to Thanos event from the past, where players will find and use these Avengers props during the game. Thanos may also return if this is the case. The players will be able to do this and Avengers weapons will help to take Thanos down.

So far, every Fortnite tweet related to Avengers has teased April 25 to be the date but we can expect Epic Games to spill out more information on the release of the event.

Here is the official Avengers: Endgame trailer:

Avengers: Endgame hits the theaters on April 26.

Source: Comicbook, Twitter

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