The Iron Man series by Kieron Gillen during the original Marvel Now initiative revealed that Tony Stark was adopted by Howard and Maria Stark as a replacement to their biological son, Arno. Arno has been an important character in Tony’s adventures since his introduction, and now Dan Slott is bringing the character back again.

The opening page for Tony Stark: Iron Man #5 features a narration from Arno, which brings forth The Maria Stark Foundation, explaining that its independent from Stark Unlimited and Tony Stark. This means that he can still work for charity even when Tony’s personal finances take a downturn.

Arno used science to repair the arm of a violinist and the preview ends with Arno taking on a mission to help a rancher to “specialise in meat that’s ethically fine to eat.” Arno’s actions stand in contrast to Tony’s current focus on software and apps. There has been a common critique of Tony over the years that with all his genius and torture, he could fix many problems that don’t require the use of an armour.

Now it appears that Arno is also putting his own intelligence to good use. The preview pages don’t feature Tony and they don’t feature any reference to the events of Iron Man #4, which saw a budding relationship between Tony Stark and Janet Van Dyne. It’s yet to be seen if Arno’s new focus on science will lead him into a conflict with Tony.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #5 goes on sale on October 31.

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