Iron Man created a magic-powered suit in order to fight Thor and that taught him how to merge magic and science powers together perfectly.

Thor buster

Iron Man was caught in the middle of a stressful international incident between Asgard and the United States when he tried to persuade Thor, the then-king of Asgard, to evacuate his people from the country of Slokovia before Doctor Doom launched an attack against the world out of terror of an Asgardian army living next door. Tony realised that negotiations could end in a fight, so he created a uniquely specialised magic-powered suit to fight Thor. This action, however, would set a precedent for Tony, allowing him to combine magic with technology for a far more formidable weapon.

When many of Slokovia’s residents became victims of violence, Thor felt compelled to take Asgard there. They prayed to Thor for assistance. Thor, furious at the loss of life, led the Valkyrior to Slokovia in search of vengeance. Slokovia was, unfortunately for the rest of the world, a neighbour of Latveria, Doctor Doom’s homeland. Doom got more concerned about the existence of a superpowered army so near to his borders, and he considered waging a war to protect his people. Fearful of such an incident, the United States dispatched the Avengers to talk with their ally.

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Tony began devising defenses after realising that Thor was stronger than ever. He’d have to betray Thor’s trust in order to do so. Tony had been handed a particular Asgardian crystal by the god of thunder in the hopes that the magical energy it produced could be used to create clean energy for the rest of the planet.

Doctor Doom took advantage of Tony’s brilliance, planting the notion in his head to use the crystal as a power source for the suit, giving him an advantage over Thor if they had to fight. Tony took the concept and ran with it, using the crystal as the foundation for his Thorbuster armour. Tony designed the armour in the image of the Destroyer, adding “Type X” repulsors to boost the force of his blows and make it practically invincible.

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Thor admitted that he was taken aback by Tony’s ability to turn a godly gift into weapons.

Tony lost the battle, but it taught him that combining his scientific expertise with Asgardian magic was possible. It provided him new ideas that he may use in future battles, such as the “Fear Itself” tale. He returned with not just magical improvements for himself, but also weapons for all of his fellow Avengers, having coated his armour in uru, the metal that makes up Mjolnir. It was a significant step forward in Tony’s ability as a craftsman.

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