The Return Of Spider-Man/ Men And Their Respected Villains:

Spider-Man 3 Fanart by Axellmejiart
Spider-Man 3 Fanart by Axellmejiart

Spider-Man, or should I say “Spider-Men”, is making a comeback. Their respective villains are also making a comeback. The universe has come to life as a result of Doctor Stephen Strange’s failed spell. The rogue spell will open the multiverse’s gates to all kinds of perils lurking all around it. With the introduction of villains such as Doc Ock and others, people are left with a number of unanswered issues. One of those questions, while looking at a fresh photograph, is if Doc Ock is utilizing Stark Tech on his tentacles. The Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser teased what the universe has in store for our favorite superheroes. With his identity known, Spider-Man already had a lot on his plate, but it was only the beginning of his challenges. Doctor Octavius, played by Alfred Molina, has returned with his frightening companions to greet Peter. This has raised the prospect of a Spider-Men team-up against Doc Ock and his friends.

What Villains Did The Trailer Teased?

A Still Of All The Possible Villains That Might Appear In Marvel's Spider-Man 3
A Still Of All The Possible Villains That Might Appear In Marvel’s Spider-Man 3

The teaser teased the return of these villains, which included the Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman, and Lizard. Doc Ock’s look was a little clearer, with Molina sporting his trademark metallic appendages. With the new images from Empire magazine’s December issue, it’s safe to state that Doc Ock is back to destroy Peter. An eagle-eyed fan, however, discovered a very noticeable feature in Doc Ock’s tentacles from the trailer and the current images. We believe we know why this has occurred.

Doc Ock & His Color Changing Tentacles:

Is Doc Ock Using Stark Tech In The All New Spider-Man; No Way Home
Is Doc Ock Using Stark Tech In The All New Spider-Man; No Way Home

Doc Ock’s metallic grey tentacles, as seen in 2004’s Spider-Man 2, were included in the video. The latest images, however, show a bit of a scorching red tint in the basic grey tone. The solution to this alteration may be found in another image in the magazine. In one image, we witness Doc Ock strangling Peter in a death-grip. Peter is dressed in his Iron-Spider outfit, which was custom-made for him by Iron Man himself.

A Still Where Doc Ock is strangling Peter in a death-grip
A Still Where Doc Ock is strangling Peter in a death-grip

We already know that Peter will design a new suit for this film, and we have an intriguing hunch about what will happen to Stark’s suit.

Theory Related To How Doc’s Tentacles Can Be Of Stark Tech:

Is Doc Ock Using Stark Tech
Is Doc Ock Really Using The Stark/ Nano Tech

According to the new notion, Doc Ock will effectively destroy the Iron-Spider outfit. Peter might be seen ejecting from the suit (like Rhodey did in Iron Man 3 when it became too hot! ), leaving the outfit behind. And, being a wicked genius, Doc Ock will exploit the suit’s superior technology to augment his appendages. Because there has been no official announcement from Marvel Studios, we can safely presume that Doc Ock will continue to be shown in his 2004 form. In order to fight the new and improved Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, he, too, needs cutting-edge technology.

Will The Other Villains Be Getting An Upgrade Too?

Will The Other Villains Be Getting An Upgrade Too?
Will The Other Villains Be Getting An Upgrade Too In NWH?

Following Doc Ock’s outfit, it stands to reason that the other villains will receive superior technology as well. The next Spider-Man film introduces a new concept to the MCU by including non-canon characters. These villains come from many eras and universes, and putting them all into a single reality at the same time might be difficult. The authors must ensure that the characters are correctly positioned inside the story, reducing plot holes while connecting them to the wider universe. These characters must evolve in order for their presence to be desired, and this new technology may assist them in doing so. Doc Ock was the Sinister Six’s commander in the comics. And if he receives an improvement, he may repeat it for his teammates as well. Furthermore, Tony Stark has had a significant impact on the lives of the MCU’s Spider-Man. As a result, his relationship with the characters can be transformed into something far more thrilling. This might lead to Peter Parker focusing more on his own inventions rather than utilizing Stark technology, as he was meant to do in the comics.

Spider-Man & The Supposed Sinister-Six In NWH
Will There Be A Fight B/W Spider-Men & The Sinister Six In NWH

So, if this theory comes true, Doc Ock and the Sinister Six will be a hundred times more powerful, a nd, as a teenager, Tom Hollan’s Spiderman  may summon Spider-Men from the villains’ own realms with the help of Doctor Strange. This may be a difficulty for all three Spider-Men, but it will be beneficial to the viewers. For additional information, Spider-Man will swing in our neighbourhood on December 17, 2021, during the Christmas season. We will see Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Tony Revolori, Martin Starr, J.B. Smoove, Marisa Tomei, J.K. Simmons, Jon Favreau, Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, and potentially the previous two Spider-Men staring in Spider-Man: No Way Home. So what do you guys think about this theory of ours? Do let us know in the comments down below. Until then, we’ll see you lads in the next article and don’t forget to keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for learning more about the entertainment industry, new movies and TV series, celebrity gossip, and so much more. We’ve got your back on all fronts. Continue reading Animated Times for more.

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