With the new projects of MCU Phase 4, fans have been constantly complaining about the poor CGI that Marvel is delivering. Reportedly, many VFX artists have come out and spoke against Marvel and refused to ever work with the company again. Many of them have said the studio has the “worst VFX management out there”.

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VFX Artist revealed Marvel has poor working conditions

Avengers End Game
Still from Marvel’s Avengers: End Game

Many VFX artists have made allegations on the subreddit r/VFX, about the industry and their negative experiences with Marvel. Most of the people went on to say that the money and star-power aren’t worth tolerating such poor working conditions.

Recent complaints of Marvel CGI

Thor Love and Thunder
Thor Love and Thunder

Recently released Taika Waititi’s flick, Thor: Love and Thunder was heavily criticized for its CGI. Many fans claim that Marvel Studios is consistently failing to meet the higher standard. A scene of Heimdal’s son in the movie was heavily trolled with the release of the film. 

Bad CGI of She-Hulk

She-Hulk Trailer
She-Hulk still from the Trailer

The She-Hulk trailer was heavily trolled by Marvel fans for its poor CGI and detailing of the character. It was later revealed that Marvel’s youtube channel trailer and Disney+ Youtube Channel video quality were different which created a fuss. She-Hulk series will be the first time a completely digital Marvel creation leads its own nine-episode series.

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A fan questioned, “Why is it that they demand so much, from any digital industry content creator”

Reportedly, it was also revealed that Marvel gets a DNA contract signed with its actors and has a pretty tough deal if they spill out any secrets. Maybe a tough Day for Tom Holland!

A user went on to add, “when you start to overvalue actors by undervaluing artists, it becomes an unfair exchange,” which seems true.

What to expect next?

Thor Love And Thunder MCU
Korg, Mighty Thor, Valkyries, and Thor

Many new MCU projects are in the pipeline and are being produced on high budgets, with insane VFX requirements. In the past, MCU has given some of the best projects that set the benchmark for CGI and Visual Effects. However, these visual artists’ complaints have revealed how Marvel takes the work from its workers.  One can certainly hope that these artists will be valued by Marvel and will deliver justice to their artistic credibility. 

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Marvel Studios’ latest release, Thor: Love and Thunder has also faced criticism for its CGI and is playing now in theaters worldwide.


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