Live talk shows have been infamous for stars giving out secret details about the project they are working upon. This has been one of the primary reasons why the audience sits glued to their television sets when their favorite celebrity walks in. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” leads the race of the talk shows and has been a frontrunner since quite long. The recent episode, which starred The Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani, revealed shocking facts about Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming project The Eternals.

What happened on the show?

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The Silicon Valley star in Jimmy Kimmel live


It so happened that the Silicon Valley star was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to promote Little America, a new series that he produces for the Apple TV+. During his chat, he let it slip that he had wrapped up the shooting of The Eternals and returned home earlier this week. What happened next was quite unbelievable! The star celebrated the end of the production of the new Marvel movie by eating cakes, tarts, and all sorts of deserts on the show itself!

Of Cakes and Tarts

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Jimmy Kimmel explaining the end of his diet!

As the production of The Eternals was near to the end, Kumail had no other reason to maintain his strict diet. He could break his diet for the first time in a year, filling himself up with cakes and pizzas. However, Jimmy had something else in store for Kumail. Towards the end of their interview, a cake –wielding chandelier descended from the ceiling with several plates of pies and tarts. The show even got a pizza delivered for the star. Nanjiani was not slightly apprehensive of gorging on the entire platter as he had been on a diet to maintain a chiseled physique for The Eternals.

The Eternals

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Excitement in the air regarding Nanjiani’s role.

The actor has repeatedly admitted that The Eternals is going to be an epic film for the Marvel franchise. Kumail also commented that the story of The Eternals spanned over thousands of years, and the movie was more of a sci-fi film. The actor has always been very vocal about his love for superhero movies. The movie is all slated to hit the theatres on the 6th of November.

Here is a clip of the actor on the show:

Kumail Nanjiani Has Pizza & Cake for First Time in a Year

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