How much do you really know about the Black Captain America? How much is the Government trying to hide from you? It’s time you know the truth behind the Black Captain America, USA’s dirtiest secret they never want you to know.

His Connection To The Controversial Project Rebirth

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Project Rebirth was a joint effort by the Western Nations to recreate the super soldier program. The only person who had ever managed to pull it off was Dr. Erskine. And after his murder, America and the West could never produce another one. Luckily, two new scientists came forward to do the impossible. Dr. Koch and Dr. Reinstein started working for Germany and America respectively. Reinstein used African-Americans as lab-rats. Conducting fatal experiments on them, he killed many innocents. Isaiah Bradley was the only successful test subject. He later went behind enemy lines to murder dr. Koch before the Germans could have their own super soldier program. And for that he was put in jail. Project Rebirth would later give rise to the Weapon Plus program, leading to Wolverine becoming Weapon X.

Isaiah Bradley Is The Reminder Of An Actual Real Life Experiment

Tuskegee syphilis study doctor injecting subject

The American government, back in those days, was not as benevolent as you think. The Civil Rights movement was at its peak and African-Americans were being denied basic human rights. There was an actual experiment conducted on African-Americans called the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. It was conducted between 1932 and 1972. There were batches of people injected with syphilis in the guise of vaccinations. Hundreds of Black people died unjustly because of an experiment conducted by the CDC and the United States Public Health Service. In the comics, out of the 300 people used for experiments, only a few including Isaiah survived.

An Underground Legend In the African-American Continuity

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Isaiah was the only survivor because of one more reason. The experiments led to hundreds of people managing to outlive the effects of the serum. But the government knew of the shameful nature of the experiment. So they killed all of the test subjects to erase any evidence. Isaiah lived but he had lost his zeal to defend the American Dream. After coming across an actual Captain America comic book, Isaiah realized the value of the Captain America mantle. He then took up a spare shield and costume reserved for the original Steve Rogers and started fighting back. His exploits as a super soldier vigilante became the stuff of legends.

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Fought Master Man – The Nazi Super Soldier

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Like we said, Dr. Koch had already advanced the Nazi Super Soldier project by leaps and bounds. And only Isaiah Bradley had the skills and abilities to stop him. But after going behind enemy lines, Isaiah found himself trading fists with master Man, an early version of the Nazi Super Soldier Project. He managed to defeat him but was captured. Bradley was then presented in front of Hitler, who intended to dissect him and learn his secrets. Bradley was luckily put in jail for many months while the Nazis focused on the War in Europe. He managed to escape later with the help of German insurgents.

The Government Experimented On Him A Second Time


The United States Government was still not satisfied with how much it had tormented Bradley. They still were adamant on learning his secrets. In an attempt to create a clone of Bradley using an altered version of his DNA. 39 attempts were made. all 39 attempts were a failure. that was until a child named Josiah is born to a surrogate mother. Josiah X posed a serious threat since learning of his existence would mean the Government had a way to create an army of super soldiers. So he was smuggled out of the country with good reason.

In the Comics, Bradley paid a Heavy Price Because Of The Serum


The comic books do not let Bradley go gentle into the night. Many of the experiments from the original Project Rebirth experiments created faulty test subjects. They had an unstable mind and body that soon gave away due to the adverse effects of the serum. Isaiah was supposedly the only one immune to those effects. Steve Rogers actually manages to meet an older Bradley in 2003. And it is then fans realize Isaiah is not immune to the effects of the faulty serum. The effects were just delayed. Now old and frail, Isaiah suffers from severe Alzheimer’s and has descended into a child-like state.

His Shield Carries the Message Of Victory Over Racism

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Isaiah Bradley believed that despite how bad situations were in his country, the one with the Nazis was worse. Fighting and defeating the Axis Powers was the only solution to stop Black People from suffering even more extreme persecution. And he carried a shield with a similar message. His triangular shield with a Double V Campaign Eagle Crest symbolized an end to racial prejudice. But little did he know, things were as equally worse for people of color at home when he came back.

Imprisoned For 17 Long Years


After his tussle with the Germans, where he was kept in jail for many months, Isaiah Bradley expects a hero’s welcome when he comes back home. But the government had other plans. They wanted the secret to his body surviving the super soldier experiment. Under the guise of persecuting him for stealing Captain America’s costume and shield, he was put in jail. There he was subject to inhumane experiments for almost two decades. he was only let go after President Eisenhower took pity on him and pardoned him.


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His son and grandson both have a career similar to Isaiah’s. Josiah X was a renowned vigilante who had the super soldier serum running in his veins. And then there was Eli Bradley. Eli initially had no super powers but started showing enhanced physical attributes which he claimed to come from a blood transfusion from his grandfather Isaiah. That was later shown to be a lie, with Eli drawing his powers from the Mutant Growth Hormone. After he is critically injured in battle, an actual blood transfusion from Isaiah saves his life and gives him the abilities of a super soldier.

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Becomes the President Of The United States

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Calm your horses down. It’s not the mainstream reality we are talking about. In an alternate Earth, Isaiah Bradley never marries. He gains global recognition as the super soldier who ended the Second World War. The people rally behind him and make him the new President of the country. In Captain America Volume 4 #28, it is revealed that Isaiah was President for two terms.

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