The British singer-songwriter Adele is one of the most well-liked and praised performers in the world. She has a devoted following that includes many famous people who have enjoyed seeing her play, particularly at her residency gigs in Las Vegas.

The singer, will be returning on-stage on 25th August 2023 for her next Weekends with Adele Shows which are planned to run through till November 4th 2023 at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The singer has revealed the effects of quitting one of her habits and how it has affected her.

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Adele gives up on caffeine

The British artist Adele’s physical transformation did surprise a lot of fans across the world, with them appreciating the singer for adapting to a healthier lifestyle for her voice. She recently revealed that she has decided to quit caffeine and now she is facing serious caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

The singer revealed,

“I decided this week to stop drinking coffee and I’ve had a migraine all f****** week. I had a splitting headache for two days because I cut it out. My head was pounding. It was like there was a drill inside my head. It was a lot. It was harder than giving up cigarettes, harder than when you wanted to stop drinking. I’m disgusted by what these withdrawal symptoms are. I’m not giving in now.”

Adele has given up on caffeine

Adele also said that she had about 25 decaf coffees to trick her brain into thinking that she was drinking coffee, adding that caffeine and adrenaline must be the same thing because the minute she came on stage and everyone started singing back, her headache was gone a little bit.

She told the fans at her recent Las Vegas residency show that they should not be worried if they see her having the shakes, noting that she has been trying to fix it with sugar and goes into revealing that she had two apple pies for dinner.

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Adele gets emotional while helping a couple to reveal the gender of their baby

A married couple, Shantelle and Chris Dare, who attended Adele’s Las Vegas concert held up a sign that read ‘Adele will you do our gender reveal’? The singer called them to the front of the stage where she read the gender of the baby out loud for the audience to hear. She said,

“No one’s really allowed signs in here. I’m just obsessed that you got one in. Shantelle and Chris are having a baby — boy!”

The Grammy winning singer hugged the couple after announcing the gender and offered them her best wishes and addressed the crowd that it was amazing. She started getting emotional as she mentioned that she feels honored to do this and is very happy for the couple.

Adele was emotional with revealing the gender of the baby for a couple

The couple later took to their social media accounts to share the ecstatic moment of their lives when Adele revealed the gender of their baby and shared a couple of clips in addition to thanking Adele for doing such a beautiful thing for them. They also told CBS News that everyone started whistling and going crazy and then they heard her say that she would love to do the gender reveal and that’s when their hearts were racing.

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“I’m a homemaker and I’m a matriarch”: Adele on wanting more kids

The singer is a mother to 10-year-old Angelo, whom she shares with her ex-husband and charity founder Simon Konecki. She revealed in her interview in 2022 with Elle that she would like to have more kids. She said,

“I’m a homemaker and I’m a matriarch, and a stable life helps me with my music. But right now, all I got in my brain is Vegas. I want to f—ing nail it.”

Adele asked fans to maintain a decent behavior while attending the concerts

The former couple called it quits in 2019 and she struggled in the early days of the pandemic as she was mourning the end of her relationship and felt lonely, but with her now boyfriend; Rich Paul, she has made it through and is very happy. Early in July, the singer also stood up for the artists who were being attacked by the concertgoers and addressed the crowd:

“Have you noticed how people are forgetting f**king show etiquette at the moment and just throwing s**t onstage? Have you seen that? I f**king dare you, I dare you to throw something at me. I’ll f**king kill you.”

Adele then took her T-shirt cannon and launched her merchandise into the crowd, saying that while they should stop throwing things at the artists, she would like to throw things at them.

Source: The Sun

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