Matthew Perry is a renowned celebrity who gained international recognition as Chandler Bing in the famous American sitcom series, FRIENDS has been candid about his personal life. He has released his memoir containing eye-opening secrets about his dating life and the struggle he had to go through with substance addiction.

Matthew Perry
American-Canadian star Matthew Perry

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The actor recently opened up about his fling with actress Julia Roberts in his new memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir, and gave a detailed experience of him dating the latter. Though it came to an end within a short period, Roberts is not happy with her being involved in his memoir.

Matthew Perry Opened Up About His Detailed Love Life With Julia Roberts

Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts on FRIENDS
Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts on FRIENDS

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The 53-year-old actor, Matthew Perry discussed about his relationship with American star Julia Roberts in his new memoir. The former couple started their relationship when the latter made a special appearance on the hit sitcom series, FRIENDS.

For the unversed, Roberts appeared in the second season of the series as Susie Moss, Chandler Bing’s (Perry’s character) middle school friend turned lover. Susie Moss takes her revenge on Chandler during one episode in 1995.

The former on-off-screen couple dated each other for two months and broke off after that.

The American-Canadian star even stated having sent his then-fellow co-star “three dozen red roses”  when he got aware of the fact that the actress would take part in the series, only if Chandler Bing would be involved.

Even though their relationship had a few sweet moments, it didn’t go long way as the 17 Again star dumped the actress stating he was “certain” about the fact that the latter would end their relationship.

Julia Roberts is ‘Embarrassed’ With Matthew Perry’s Revealing Their Dating History

Matthew Perry
FRIENDS star Matthew Perry

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A close source of the American star revealed to Closer Magazine that she is disappointed with her former love interest for describing their fling in his memoir.

“Julia is embarrassed and disappointed that Matthew has detailed their fling. It smacks of Matthew looking for glam soundbites to fill his book and that’s not how Julia rolls.”

The insider told the outlet that she is quite “old” in her thoughts when it concerns her privacy adding, “She’s very old school about her privacy – you never see her kiss and tell about her exes. It made her cringe.”

However, she is glad about his mental and physical condition has improved stating, “She knows how badly he struggled and applauds that he’s shown the courage to get help and encourage others to learn from his own cautionary tale.”

Though she wishes that “he hadn’t dragged her into his life story.”

Not just Roberts, in his book, Perry has also talked about his previous relationships and gives a detailed version of his struggle with substance abuse.

His book, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir is now available online.

Source: IrishMirror

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