Jonathan Majors, a Marvel actor, is at present dealing with further allegations of alleged abuse as his court date draws near. After his former partner Grace Jabbari reported him, the actor is said to have been detained back in March and charged with misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault, harassment, and strangulation. Later, the charges of strangulation were dropped with the rest standing still.

Since then, fans have been interested in Majors’ life, because, according to reports and a glance at social media, while some of the audience does believe the actor, who has pleaded not guilty, others think that if more accusations are made against him, it must mean something. The date of his trial is set for August.

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Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

More alleged accusations come in against Jonathan Majors

In an expose by Rolling Stone, which was published last Thursday, it has been noted that a dozen anonymous sources decided to come forward and speak to the publication about Marvel actor Jonathan Majors’ treatment of his former partners.

According to the expose, nine anonymous sources have revealed Majors’ former partners, who remain unnamed, as victims of his alleged ‘abuse, physically and mentally’, adding that it came to an end when he allegedly strangled her. One source shared in the report,

“No one is surprised that this is coming out. It always felt like it was a matter of time because his behavior never changed. He’s kind of a bad dude, and now it’s just catching up with him.”

Jonathan Majors
Rolling Stone’s expose on Jonathan Majors details more alleged accusations against him

A different source and former partner of the actor revealed their relationship to the publication and described it as ‘emotional torture’ as she explained that the actor was ‘controlling’ toward her. She detailed that the actor would overlook what she ate to who she connected with and sometimes the situation between the two would get worse to the point where Majors would get angry that he needed to hit something or punch a wall to calm down.

The source said,

“She said on a few occasions that he wanted her to believe that he was the oxygen in the room [and] that she could not live without him.”

Another source shared with the publication,

“My experience in dealing with him and watching him in relationships with several women [is] really upsetting. As an outside observer, it made me uncomfortable.”

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Alleged accusations against Jonathan Majors are not restricted to his former partners

The Rolling Stone exhibit goes deeper into detailing that the Marvel actor’s professional behavior was no different from his personal. Even though he is a great actor who managed to impress the audience with his acting, he could not impress the people on set with his behavior.

The reports suggest that Majors had various altercations and confrontations with his classmates at Yale’s School of Drama, adding that he had allegedly slapped a classmate as they were playing wrestling during one of the rehearsals. A source who was involved in the production of 2022’s Devotion claimed that the actor had allegedly made the people from the costume department cry on set.

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors reportedly made feel ‘uncomfortable’ during one of his shoots

The source said,

“It started to become borderline abusive. It seemed like it was some kind of sick pleasure that he took out of — once those girls cried…. He did it to people who he could tell would be too afraid to stand up for themselves.”

Similarly, the actor was made aware of his behavior while he was working on Magazine Dreams as he pushed one crew member while walking in an intimidating manner towards another crew member who had felt uncomfortable and reported to the high authorities who then stepped in to take charge.

The actor’s attorneys mentioned that sometimes immersive method acting is misconstrued as rudeness, which could have been the case with Majors.

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Jonathan Majors ‘vehemently’ denies the alleged accusations

According to reports, the actor, via his attorney Dustin Pusch, shared a lengthy statement, in which he has vehemently denied the alleged accusations exposed in the Rolling Stone expose. The statement reads,

“Rolling Stone embarked on a mission to dig up dirt on Jonathan Majors in order to falsely paint him as a violent and abusive black man.” The statement further added, “The publication also misrepresented the circumstances under which written statements were provided by individuals who know Jonathan Majors.” 

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good
Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good

Majors and his attorneys have been denying the alleged accusations, stating that the false accusation that the actor was physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive to anyone, let alone his former partners, is just not right. Pusch added,

“These allegations are based entirely on hearsay because neither of the romantic partners referenced were willing to engage with Rolling Stone for the article — demonstrating their outright falsity.” 

The lawyers have provided six character witnesses from women who were previously involved with Majors, out of which one woman decided not to respond while another said that the statements were not true and three of them claimed that they did not consent to have their statement published.

Jonathan Majors will appear in court on August 3rd, 2023 as he faces his ex Grace Jabbari.

Source: Rolling Stone

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