One of the biggest and most dedicated fandoms in the music scenes is undoubtedly Taylor Swift’s fans known as the Swifties. But as much as they love their artist, like every fandom, they are so known to get aggressive toward anyone who might have bad blood with her. And in Swift’s case, her list of exes are the ones who end up getting the hate.

These days,  the singer has been re-releasing her version of the previous albums, after more than a decade since their original release.  In doing so, she advised her fans to avoid cyberbullying her ex John Mayer who is alleged to be the muse behind her Speak Now album.

Taylor Swift Advises Fans Against Cyberbullying Her Ex John Mayer

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Back in 2010, following the release of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album, it was a huge discussion among the fans as to whom the songs were dedicated. This is obviously an inevitable part of Swift’s musical career as she is known to pour her heart out in her songs and lyrics. With songs such as Dear John from the album, there was a great murmur that the titular John meant her ex-boyfriend John Mayer.

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And according to the lyrics, he apparently broke 19-year-old Swift’s heart. Moreover, the fact that he was 31 at the time just made things worse.

John Mayer
John Mayer

And now 13 years later Swift as the Red singer is re-releasing her version of the 2010 album, she advised her fans while on stage, to not go around attacking anyone saying,

 “I’m not putting this album out so that you can go and should feel the need to defend me on the internet against someone”

The singer also mentioned that she was not holding anything against anyone anymore for what happened when she was 19. Seemingly, she has moved past whatever the songs of albums seem to describe. All in all the 12 times Grammy winner did not mention Mayer in her speech, however.

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What Was John Mayer’s Reaction To Taylor Swift’s 2010 Album?

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

After his break up with Taylor Swift, John Mayer received tons of hate as the former released her album Speak Now in 2010. The pair’s age difference and the fact that Swift had only been 19 at the time made things look bad for the Who You Love singer. Moreover the lyrics,

“Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?”

seems to suggest Mayer had not treated the Anti-hero hitmaker rightly somehow. Although Swift never mentioned or confirmed the songs were about Mayer, it did not take long for the word to go around saying so.

Picking up the clues, the Paper Doll singer defended himself by saying in an interview two years later saying,

“I didn’t deserve it. I’m pretty good at taking accountability now, and I never did anything to deserve that,”

He also added that it had caught him “off-guard and that he felt very “humiliated” by everything.

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Source: Page Six

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