Now that, Zack Snyder is out of DC Film Studios, the fans will unfortunately miss out on some plans that the director had for future films. And it turns out that the Flash movies had been working as a groundwork for making one of Barry Allen/Flash’s recurring antagonists Reverse Flash into the main villain of the DC universe as a whole along with other villains such as Lex Luthor, Darkseid, etc.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Snyder and his team also had several plans regarding a sequel for Justice League centering on the Flashpoint.

Zack Snyder’s DCEU Had Several Plans For The Main Antagonist of DC Future Films

Justice League
Justice League

Before James Gunn took up the new era of DC Superhero films, the Snyder Verse led by former DC director Zack Snyder, a lot of plans were in place for future films. The director had shared his plan to give the Justice League sequel an Avengers-like story that would bring in a bunch of popular DC villains onto the screen.

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Opening up about it with Inverse, the storyboard artist Jay Olivia shared many of the plans that will not be realized after the exit of Snyder.

Although the recent Flash starring Ezra Miller was the last project of DCEU/Snyderverse, but it turns out it was going to be a start for laying the groundwork for several future projects in the DC world.


One of the big plans concerning the Villians was to make Reverse-Flash/ Zoom, the main antagonist in the whole DC universe along with Lex Luthor and Darkseid. Olivia revealed saying,

“It was Professor Zoom pulling the strings because he had come from the future to basically f*ck with Barry”

However, Zoom had a much more significant part to play as according to the storyboard artist saying,

“But also in the ancillary other films, you would see some of the influences of Zoom on the rest of the Justice League.”

But all that will not be realized as DC is turning a new leaf with James Gunn leading the upcoming DCU phase which is going to start from 2025 onwards.

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A Brief Look at The New DC Film Universe


DC film studio has finally closed DCEU which started back in 2013 led by Zack Snyder. It included films such as Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman vs Superman, The Flash etc. However, the phase is wrapped after completing a decade. Now, the studio is looking forward to a new era with director James Gunn (former MCU director) and Peter Safran.

The new phase is named DCU and is titled Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. It will officially start in 2025 with Superman: Legacy.

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