Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's reunion after nearly two decades deeply affected Lopez's ex-fiancé.

Despite their reunion, Lopez and Affleck are reportedly facing marital issues, with rumors saying they are considering a divorce.

Lopez's family is reportedly urging her to divorce Affleck and focus on her career and children.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been one of the most renowned couples in the entertainment industry. The couple was engaged in the early 2000s and later broke up, but they reunited in 2021 again. But their reunion and decision to get married became an issue recently.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli | Credit: Columbia Pictures

They got married in Las Vegas and had a ceremony with friends and family after that. Their getting together after almost two decades seemed like a real-life fairytale. But among the reunion and rumors, one person seems to be affected by it, besides both of them.

Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Fiancé Was Heartbroken After Her Ben Affleck Reunion

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez | via Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram

It was expected that fans would be shocked when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck restarted their romance. But apart from them, it was also unexpected for Lopez’s ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez who was in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez until April 2021.

According to In Touch, an insider who was close to the situation revealed that the way Lopez left him for Affleck hurt Rodriguez badly. The insider said,

Alex fell apart when JLo ran off with Ben. He felt like she tossed him out with the trash when she got a better offer from Ben and it did a huge number on him. He went from planning a wedding to watching her marry someone else in what felt like the blink of an eye. It was the worst year of his life.

It affected him badly, as while Rodriguez was dreaming of the great wedding, Lopez was marrying another man in a rather short period of time. The insider later claimed that Lopez didn’t show enough empathy to him and was very publicly showing her romance with Affleck when her ex-fiancé was struggling.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez has found love, and he is currently in a relationship with Jaclyn Cordeiro. According to the insider, Rodriguez had been dating Lopez for four years, and the sudden breakup, followed by her romance with Affleck was a double blow.

However, as A-Rod has moved on in his life, Bennifer’s happy ever-after married life seems to be going through some serious problems. According to TMZ, the couple was living separately and was already planning for a divorce within a year after their wedding.

Jennifer Lopez’s Family Wants Her to Move On

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck | via Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram

It seems like Lopez’s family stands firm on the issue of her wedding. According to Daily Mail, the singer’s whole family, especially her mother, is encouraging her to file for divorce and move on with her life.

A source close to the family revealed that Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, told her daughter that she had wasted enough time. The source said,

She (Guadalupe Rodríguez) told her that she’s wasted years believing that Ben was some kind of knight in shining armor. He was not the person she built him up to be. It’s taken too much of a toll on her and because of this she has lost sight of who she is and what she stands for.

Apart from her mother, Lopez’s sisters are also telling her to file the divorce and focus on her career and kids. The source revealed that Lopez’s family feels that Affleck has given up on his marriage instead of putting effort into saving it. The insider stated,

It’s upsetting to her family and Jennifer that Ben cannot see there is a woman who is loved by millions that will love him eternally–but he would rather throw in the towel than actually just try to fix things.

But then again, amid the rumors, the couple is trying to appear normal to the public. Page Six reported that they were seen with their wedding rings on and people close to the couple said that they are trying to make things work in their marriage.

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