Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are back together for a project written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. The powerhouse actors reunite after their last performance in the 1986 movie by Peter Weir, Ford and Mirren’s chemistry traces back 36 years when they shared the screen in The Mosquito Coast.

Helen Mirren 'intimidated' by Harrison Ford when first working together | Metro News
Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford

The duo has come together to play the couple in the Yellowstone franchise prequel. The prequel has undergone a title change and is now named 1923. The new limited series is marked as a follow-up to 1883 that documented the Dutton family’s journey to Montana.

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Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford share the screen after 36 years

Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren join Yellowstone prequel series 1932 | EW.com
Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren

The couple who appeared together in the 1986 movie of Peter Weir was reunited by Taylor Sheridan in her new project, 1923. On Friday evening at the Hollywood Legion Theater Post 43 series premiere, the 80-year-old actor shared his feeling of reunion with co-actor Mirren. Ford said his respect for the 77-year-old actress hasn’t changed since the last time they worked together. He still admires Mirren’s professionalism and ethics related to work.

Harrison Ford told the PEOPLE,

“I admire her work and her person [now], and I have all the same degree of admiration for her as I did then. She’s wonderful, she’s just a lovely person, and so it’s been both a professional pleasure and a personal pleasure working with her again.”

In 1986, Helen Mirren considered herself a nobody in front of Ford, who had a huge fan following. He featured in the original Star Wars trilogy and had two Indian-Jones movies under his belt. While recalling this the actress said, “When we first worked together, he was a huge movie star and I was like nobody. I was very intimidated, very intimidated.”

A couple of years later, Mirren won the Academy Award for her performance in The Queen. She confessed to learning from Ford during their time together. Mirren, who didn’t have experience with movies, learned a great deal of film acting from Ford.

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Taylor Sheridan’s new Yellowstone prequel, 1923

Harrison Ford Says Reuniting with Mosquito Coast Costar Helen Mirren for 1923 Was a 'Pleasure'
Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren

In the new limited series 1923, Mirren and Ford play the role of Jacob and Cara Dutton. The duo is a married couple who manage the family’s farm in Montana. While running the farm, they face difficulties of the 20th century like pandemics, historic droughts, the repeal of Prohibition, and the Great Depression. The series underwent a title change to include both the US’s entry into Prohibition (1920) and the conclusion of World War I (1918).

The series is made by MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios, and Bosque Ranch Productions. The 1923 series will be available on Paramount+ and the Paramount Network on December 18.

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Source: People

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