Jason Momoa’s rise to fame in Hollywood from his early TV gigs is nothing short of amazing. It was his iconic depiction of Khal Drogo in the popular series Game of Thrones that shot him to fame. He attracted a devoted following thanks to his extraordinary talent for bringing the rough and rugged warrior figure to life. However, Momoa’s career really took off in 2018 when he was cast as Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman, in the DC Extended Universe. Making the recognizable superhero role his own signified his professional debut, and the film went on to gross $1.1 billion at the box office.

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

Momoa’s performance in the first Aquaman movie stood out despite the film’s mixed reviews. As Aquaman 2 is set to release at the end of this year, Momoa’s devoted fans are urging DC loyalists to give the movie a chance.

Jason Momoa’s performance as Aquaman continues to impress fans, who hope DC fans will give Aquaman 2 a chance

With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the DCEU is about to reach a turning point. The DCEU has had its ups and downs. If the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes don’t create any delays, this sequel should be in theaters on December 20. It’s important to keep in mind that Aquaman 2 might be the final DCEU movie until James Gunn reboots the universe with Superman: Legacy in 2025. In light of this, Aquaman 2 is under pressure to either end the DCEU with a bang or a whimper, especially in light of a string of box office flops.

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Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Aquaman was a wonderful fit for Jason Momoa. He is renowned for his dominating attitude, unusual features, and remarkable body. Now, Momoa’s fans are taking it upon themselves to persuade DC fans to check out this next film. Even if only for the incredible casting. “It’s hard to overstate how incredible this casting was,” a fan wrote on Twitter under the account name Neb.

Another fan remarked that he always had defended this casting. One admirer just expressed openly how much he adores Momoa as Aquaman.

Another admirer remarked that he would most miss Momoa playing Aquaman’s character in the upcoming DCEU reboot.

Another admirer took it a little further by claiming that before Momoa, the concept of Aquaman was ridiculous.

It would indeed be a tough job to fill Jason Momoa’s shoes. Now only time will tell what the fate of Aquaman 2 will be.

Jason Momoa talked about how acting as Aquaman was a highly personal experience

Playing Aquaman was a highly personal experience for Jason Momoa and not simply another acting project. He once spoke candidly about what made this movie so significant to him. When talking about his former character Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Momoa said that while playing Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, was different from playing Drogo, it required a shift. He was able to relate strongly to the role because the character had somewhat similar imperfections and flaws as him.

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Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

The psychological similarities weren’t the only ones; Momoa also comes from two separate worlds, which deepens the relationship even further. He sometimes felt like an outsider growing up of Hawaiian origin in Iowa, bridging two cultures that didn’t know much about each other.

Momoa had a strong connection with the movie’s themes of going back to one’s roots. He discussed how he was influenced by Polynesian culture. Polynesian culture which is full of mythology, folklore, and water gods. He was able to embrace his own roots by playing the role of Aquaman.

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