Kelly Ripa has quite a lot going on for her right now. And with the advent of the new, the old comes to an end. Ripa as well has confessed in black and white that she is looking to leave Live With Kelly and Ryan and that she’s had second thoughts for quite some time now. The past year has seen the former actress walk into several domains. Ripa became the solo host of a game show Generation Gap that aired over the summer and also published her first book, a memoir called Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories.

Kelly Ripa planning to leave Live with Kelly and Ryan
Kelly Ripa planning to leave Live with Kelly and Ryan

Kelly Ripa plans on finding her replacement herself

Kelly Ripa has been absent from the ABC Daytime TV show, and this fact hasn’t been lost on the audiences. Ripa’s co-host Ryan Seacrest is privy to the situation and has dropped hints of a possible departure. However, the Hope and Faith actress had her lips sewn on the matter. But now that she started speaking, she spoke her heart out to Extra.

“Oh, gosh! I think about it all the time. I’ve been quiet quitting for at least 10 years, maybe 15.”

Kelly Ripa leaving Live with Kelly and Ryan
Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on the ABC Daytime Talk Show

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However, Ripa would not leave the show high and dry. She claimed that she plans on phasing in her replacement herself, and helping acquaint the audience with Seacrest’s new co-host. She said,

“I do believe in shepherding in somebody new. I would like to — in the not-too-distant future — see that somebody gets to ingratiate themselves into our audiences’ life.”

After all, the show was a part of Ripa’s life for over two decades. It is only natural that she helps Live in turning a new page.

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“I don’t think I’m the show”

Kelly Ripa will find her replacement when she leaves Live with Kelly and Ryan
Kelly Ripa has been co-hosting the show since 2001

Ripa further revealed that this decision to say goodbye wasn’t a solitary one. She shared, “It’s like a long-term discussion when everybody thinks the time is right, and it would be a universal decision — then that’s the time.”

Even back in 2020, the All My Children actress had said to Variety, “It’s not just about me. It really is not. I don’t think I’m the show. I think the show is the show.”

Ripa has been a co-host on Live since 2001. She started out on the daytime talk show with the late Regis Philbin as her co-host. Eventually, she co-hosted with GMA star Michael Strahan, and then Ryan Seacrest became a lasting one.

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