Portuguese actor Alba Baptista is a prominent face in the entertainment industry now. With her Netflix show Warrior Nun, the actor has broken the language barrier in Hollywood. The 26-year-old recently got married to the Marvel actor Chris Evans in September 2023 after dating for almost a year.

Alba Baptista
Alba Baptista

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During an interview with a reputed media outlet, actor Alba Baptista spoke about her movie Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris. She was seen portraying the character of a 1950s Christian Dior model in the Lucas Bravo starrer. The actor spoke about the challenges she faced during the filming of Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris. 

Alba Baptista On Her Struggles While Filming Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Modeling is very different from acting. Mastering the poker face look and the walking style is not every actor’s cup of tea,  but Portuguese star Alba Baptista went on to prove her versatility with one of her critically acclaimed projects Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris. During an interview with a famous media platform W Magazine, the actor spoke about her insecurities and struggles during the filming of the movie. While talking about sharing a great rapport with her co-stars Lesley Manville and Isabelle Huppert, the actor said-

“They both gave me lessons that I’ll carry with me throughout my whole career. As a young actor, it’s very easy to silence your voice and do what you’re told. Isabelle was just the most confident actress that I’ve witnessed on set, so observing her taught me how to be confident in my choices and instincts.”

Alba Baptista
A still from Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris

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She further added-

 “I’ve had many moments of sharing my insecurities with Lesley and her being like, ‘Nope, you’ve got to brighten up. Life is good—look at it through this lens instead.”

She even mentioned having much-needed support during the filming of Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris. According to Alba Baptista, she had never played such a character in her life, and portraying the character of Christian Dior’s muse dating back to the 1950s was challenging.

Alba Baptista On Making Her Childhood And Making A Name In Hollywood

During the same interview, Baptista spoke about her childhood, her German classes, and being an outsider in Hollywood. While talking about her childhood, the actor recalled about her German classes, saying,

“It was a really strict school that gave us a lot of discipline. And consequently, you had to be spotless with your languages—very, very on point.” 

Alba Baptista
Alba Baptista in Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris

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On comparing the Hollywood with the entertainment industry in Portugal, the actor said-

“Publicity is not really a thing in Portugal. I thought I knew what press was, especially from looking at interviews with these big stars online. But once you’re in it, it’s a completely different experience—10-minute interviews constantly, for days and days.”

Alba Baptista was 15 when she realized she had a strong calling for acting and drama. Being a prominent face in the Portugal entertainment industry, Netflix’s Warrior Nun was the first English language role for Alba Baptista.

Source: W Magazine

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