Jada Pinkett Smith began acting in 1990 with a guest appearance in the short-lived sitcom True Colors. Jada Smith has also majored in dance and choreography at the Baltimore School for the Arts. Smith is an American actress, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman who has acted in more than 20 films spread across various genres.

Jada Smith
Jada Smith Movies

She is a part of some excellent movies that are rarely talked about. Here are some that you must consider watching once!

1. The Nutty Professor

Jada Smith
THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, Jada Pinkett, Eddie Murphy, 1996.

Eddie Murphy who played the role of a brilliant and obese scientist, Sherman Klump in the movie Invents a miraculous weight-loss solution which he tries on himself out of depression when his date with Chemistry student, Carla Purty played by Jada Smith did not go well. The movie offered fresh content with consistent laughs and was loved by the audience. Even though the movie had child-like romance but it did have a good message and provided lots of laughs, courtesy of Eddie Murphy.

2. If These Walls Could Talk

Jada Smith
Jada Smith as Patti in the movie.

The movie addresses the abortion issues or unplanned pregnancies through three stories set in different social climates, the 1950s, the 1970s, and the 1990s. Each story is set in a different decade, the movie has three stories about a woman trying to choose to have, or not have an unexpected movie. One does not just watch this movie but also feel it and if you ever thought that a woman’s right to choose was an easy one, this movie will bring you back to reality.

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3. Return To Paradise

Jada Smith
Jada Smith starred as M.J Major

Vacation in Malaysia turns into a nightmare for three friends in the movie when one of them is sentenced to death on behalf of all three due to drug possession. This movie had the theme of friendship and the two friends had eight days to decide, whether to give up three years of their lives in prison or two give up the life of their friend. Jada Smith was cast in a supporting role in the movie.

4. Ali

Jada Smith
Jada Smith and Will Smith

Released in the year 2001, is a biography of the sports legend Muhammad Ali, encompassing the triumphs and controversies around the sportsman from 1964 to 1974. Jada Smith played the role of Sonji Roi, wife of Muhammad Ali, played by her real life husband, Will Smith in the movie. Jada Smith also confessed in one of the interviews that she did not wanted to take the role of working alongside her husband. However, the movie was loved by the fans and critics.

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5. Magic Mike XXL 

Jada Smith
Jada Smith as Rome rules the movie

This movie was said to be the Masterpiece of Modern Cinema and the best part of the movie was definitely, Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada Smith is pretty much the most eminent and powerful character in the movie, she runs her own business and even refuses to be taken in by Channing Tatum’s infectious charm. Her character in the movie knows well what we really want as women, and she does make women feel like queens in the entire movie.

6. Angel Has Fallen 

Jada Smith
Jada Smith as Helen Thompson

Starred as Agent Thompson, Jada Smith works alongside Morgan Freeman in the movie. The third film from the renowned Fallen franchise had a new face Jada Smith joining the series. The movie also paved the way for the return to the big screen for Jada Smith. Smith played the role of an FBI agent in the movie.

7. The Matrix Resurrections

Jada Smith
Jada Smith

Jada Smith earlier played the role of Niobe in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions and was back as Niobe in The Matrix Resurrections. The revolutionized visuals and the usage of new camera techniques made the story of the movie universal-like. The movie also has positive role models like Neo and is packed with nostalgia in new and exciting ways,

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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