James Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed as the co-CEOs of the DC Studios in late 2022. Since then, a lot of things have happened, some of which are good while others are not. For instance, Gunn announcing a DC reboot caused division among fans as while some were impressed by his creativity and vision, others were disappointed as they claimed that the reboot would erase Zack Snyder’s work and legacy.

Amidst all these minor and major changes, one thing that has remained constant is James Gunn getting involved in a new controversy every fortnight. It’s either that or some fans who strongly disapprove of Gunn digging up a post or statement that he made years ago.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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James Gunn has Lost Access to His Personal Facebook Account

These days James Gunn getting involved in a controversy fails to surprise people. This time around it was a very old Facebook post from the director’s personal Facebook account that landed him in the minefield of social media trolling. These comments included him bashing Tim Burton’s Batman saying that it was “poorly written” and raising issues with Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.

James Gunn on the set of The Suicide Squad
James Gunn on the set of The Suicide Squad

The Guardians of the Galaxy director has not directly addressed his comments but in a recent Instagram post, he revealed that he has lost access to his account and was informed by Facebook’s Security Team that someone tried to access it. He wrote:

“What happens… and then the broad assumptions made by certain sites. I haven’t been on FB in so long I don’t even know how to answer the questions to get back on.”


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Although the comments he made were rather harsh and hurtful for some DC fans, it has to be noted that he was not the co-CEO of DC back then and it has been more than a decade since then, so there is a chance that his views have changed, and he has a better outlook about those things now. Some fans, however, demand that James Gunn be fired from DCU.

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James Gunn has Been in Way Too Many Controversies

Apart from being smart and talented, James Gunn is also strongly opinionated and it’s these very comments that keep landing him into these controversies. Not to mention that his opinions are often quite debatable which makes him an easy target for netizens.

James Gunn on the sets of the Guardians of the Galaxy
James Gunn on the sets of the Guardians of the Galaxy

One of these controversies was the rediscovery of the jokes that he had made on Twitter between 2008 and 2012. The jokes were brought to the attention of Disney and Marvel accounts after Gunn had harshly criticized Donald Trump. His criticism backfired and within hours, he was fired by Disney.

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Luckily, after The Suicide Squad director issued an official statement apologizing for his past comments, a lot of fans came to his defense and signed a petition for Disney to hire him again. In March 2019, Disney gave in and reinstated Gunn as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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