Warner Bros. just launched HBO Max, its first foray into the streaming service market. While many streaming services have failed to establish their feet, it appears like Warner Bros. is charging ahead with their new outlet for their firm. We’ve seen announcement after announcement of interesting new DC initiatives on the service in recent months, and we’ve heard much more from our trusted insiders. Now, we can exclusively reveal that one of our reliable inside sources has heard that DC is working on a Bronze Tiger film for HBO Max. They are also interested in hiring Jamie Foxx for the position. If the studio can strike a deal with Jamie Foxx, it would be a huge triumph for HBO Max and a fantastic addition to DC. Jamie Foxx is a singer, an actor, and a comedian. He’s a multi-talented powerhouse, much like Bronze Tiger, who is a great martial artist in a variety of disciplines. It’s always nice to see Foxx doing more. While we know Warner Bros. wants to bring him on for this movie, our source was unable to reveal if Jamie Foxx is aware of this or has met with the company yet.


We know he played Electro in Spider-Man for Marvel, so he isn’t new to the superhero genre or a star who is against these sorts of films. He’s also appeared in the Netflix comedy series Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me!, so he’s been a part of the streaming revolution. HBO’s Bronze Tiger Max, ideally, will be the type of job he is interested in. What do we think of this prospective role for Jamie Foxx? While he has appeared in The CW’s Arrowverse and in video games, the character has a long history in DC comics. The Bronze Tiger is an antihero who has previously been linked to the suicide squad.


In fact, fan movements anticipated that the character, sometimes known as Ben or Benjamin Turner, would appear in both films before they were released. Idris Elba, who just played Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad, has been a popular choice for the part of Ben Turner in recent years. As previously stated, the potential Jamie Foxx’s character in Bronze Tiger has a background in martial arts. A burglar broke into the character’s house while he was a youngster. When he saw the burglar attack his parents, he murdered them with a knife. This instilled a great deal of wrath in him, which he channeled via martial arts. He isn’t a superpowered antihero. He’s a person with a lot of abilities and an inner struggle propelling him onward. In the stories, he is occasionally a criminal. He’s a complicated character, like many antiheroes, and he deserves a talented actor like Jamie Foxx to portray the Bronze Tiger.


There will be plenty of opportunities for future ventures with Bronze Tiger, so it seems logical that DC is seeking an established performer like Jamie Foxx. Ben Turner is familiar with other characters, such as Green Arrow, about whom we recently heard that DC has plans. He is familiar with Deathstroke, and we have learnt that DC is considering reintroducing the character to the DC Universe. And, of course, he’s a perfect match for the suicide squad, so seeing him pair up with any of those characters in the future is a distinct possibility. Hopefully, they’ll put together a team that Jamie Foxx will want to work with, and we’ll get to see a genuinely intriguing antihero on HBO Max soon.

Source: GiantFreakinRobot

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