Jay Leno escapes death by a hair

Jay Leno with his 1907 White Steam Car
Jay Leno with his 1907 White Steam Car in his Burbank Garage (Source: TMZ)

Last Saturday, Jay Leno was back at his Burbank garage, working on a 1907 White Steam Car. Precisely, he was fixing a clogged fuel line of this 115-year-old vehicle when suddenly a fuel leak happened, thus spraying gasoline on the Collision Course actor’s face and hands. At the same time, there was a spark somewhere that led to an explosion in the gasoline-laden environment. Leno caught fire for the same reason too. The fiasco might have ended tragically if Leno’s friend, Dave wasn’t there. Dave made a split-second decision and jumped on his friend and extinguished the fire. That is one real friend if there ever was one. After all, how often does one jump onto a burning person to save their life?

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Jay Leno currently hospitalized with severe facial burns

Jay Leno
Jay Leno
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