The former baseball player Alex Rodriguez and the popstar Jennifer Lopez first started dating back in 2017. The couple almost dated for 4 years and even got engaged at the time. At one time, they were one of the most iconic couples in America. The former Yankee star and J.Lo gained some criticism from the people throughout the duration of their relationship but they managed to navigate through it pretty smoothly.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

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Today we look back at the time in 2020 when J.Lo dressed up as Madonna for Halloween. The choice for this dress-up took people by surprise as A-Rod and Madonna have a history together.

Jennifer Lopez dressed up as Madonna for Halloween in 2020

2020 was a time of the pandemic so instead of going out and celebrating Halloween in a big way, many people chose to stay home and celebrate with their families. Such was also the case for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. In 2008, when Rodriguez’s marriage with Cynthia Scurtis came to an end, he got involved in a number of flings with high-profile celebrities. He allegedly also had a fling with the music industry legend, Madonna. So, when J.Lo decided to dress up as Madonna for the occasion, it took everyone by surprise.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
J.Lo and A-Rod’s Halloween costumes
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The On the Floor singer explained that it was not weird for her to dress up as Madonna

Alex Rodriguez had decided to dress up as Bruce Springsteen. In an interview, J.Lo explained the costumes and the situation of her home. She said, “Yeah, we all got dressed up like way too much. My kids were like hiding in the bedrooms. They were like, ‘What are you doing?‘” Then the interviewer asked the American singer if it was weird for the couple for her to dress up as A-Rod’s ex. J.Lo replied, “No. I mean, it was so long ago. No, it wasn’t weird at all, I loved it.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
J.Lo and A-Rod

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After their relationship ended in 2021, Jennifer Lopez has gotten back together with Ben Affleck. After their surprise wedding in July in Las Vegas, they have been all over the news for months. The Hollywood star and the American singer got married at a small chapel in Las Vegas. After the ceremony, the couple took off immediately for Europe and they were seen together later in Paris.

According to recent sources, the newlywed couple will be hosting another party at the end of the year. But this time, they will be inviting their exes Jennifer Garner and Marc Antony over for the holidays.

Source: People

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