Jesse Eisenberg says he was dumbfounded to hear about the timeframe given for reading the script of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. A merely tight period of 90 minutes. 

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
The official poster of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Fans of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may not have thoroughly enjoyed the movie after it failed to meet expectations.

But, on the bright side, they did develop a tremendous liking for the villain Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg.

The billionaire cum villain who conspired against Superman to put an end to his life by unleashing a Kryptonian beast. 

Jesse Eisenberg was favored by many for his hyperactive role as Lex Luthor. But, what he reveals about how the project came to fruition is rather mind-boggling. 

Just a 90-minute read and you are the villain

Lex Luthor in one of the scenes from the movie
Lex Luthor in one of the scenes from the movie

Zack Snyder-directed Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was penned by screenwriter David S. Goyer of Man of Steel (2013).

The same script was perfected by Academy Award-winning writer Chris Terrio who made it all the more gripping and dense.

Jesse Eisenberg says he was called one day and given the script for the movie to finish reading it in 90 minutes.

Jesse Eisenberg recalls, “They gave me like an hour and a half to read the script. They said, ‘Do you want to play this character? Here’s the script. In about an hour and a half, it’s going to be deleted from your computer’”. “So I sat down to read it, and it just took forever, because it was so dense. There were references to things I’d never heard of, I was shocked. Because I’d never seen a superhero movie, because I live in a bubble or whatever, and so I thought it was just going to be people flying around for a hundred pages.”

The script that was so authentic

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Jesse Eisenberg is interested to continue as Lex Luthor

Eisenberg told that this was the densest script he had ever read and was “intellectually probing.”

He was told to finish reading within 90 minutes because it would be deleted after that.

However, Jesse Eisenberg found the script to be beyond intriguing that he asked for additional time to read, which he was given. 

Eisenberg also says that playing this part was more exhilarating and would love to reprise the role. But it is a matter of time until WarnerBros has something to say for this.

Whatever that could mean, let’s hope WB doesn’t replace Eisenberg for someone else. 

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