Entertaining the audience with humorous punchlines and onscreen chemistry, The Big Bang Theory lasted 12 seasons. Until Jim Parsons announced his exit from the show and decided to never return. His co-workers, caught off-guard by his announcement, struggled to accept it, while the 50-year-old actor suffered from guilt. Expressing his honest feelings, Parsons declared the way he announced his exit at the last moment. 

Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory

Creating a difficult time for his co-workers, Jim Parsons claimed to face the most difficult time with Kaley Cuoco, who stopped making eye contact. Following the day of his announcement to the very last day on set, Parsons mentions little details. Discussing their table read of the last season, Parsons expressed why he felt like a “liar“. 

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Jim Parsons’ Heartbreaking Exit From The Show

No matter how jolly things looked on screen for The Big Bang Theory, it was quite the opposite behind the scenes. Jim Parsons playing the pivotal role of Sheldon Cooper decided to leave the show, out of the blue and never return. Parsons’ unsettling decision shook his co-workers and evidently disrupted their friendship for a while. Sharing the situation from his perspective, Parsons revealed his true feelings. 

Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons’ exit from The Big Bang Theory

Despite the massive success of the series, the 50-year-old actor failed to continue his role. With the willingness to explore further opportunities, Parsons decided to take the heartbreaking decision. According to the actor, he planned to bring the topic of his departure to his co-workers and the crew, ahead of time, however, he failed miserably. Ultimately when it was time for the table read of season 12, he felt the necessity of dropping the bomb, creating a messed up situation. 

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Jim Parsons Shared His Honest Feelings

Looking back at the 8.2-rated American television sitcom The Big Bang Theory, we can all claim our favorite moments from the show. Entertaining the audience with 12 seasons from 2007 to 2019, the show navigated through the lives of the five friends. Presenting the viewers with comedic as well as emotional moments, the series kept people hooked to the television. However, it’s not all happiness and sparkles for the cast. 

Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons shared his honest feelings

After Jim Parsons announced his departure during the table read of season 12, he sent shockwaves among his co-workers. Further learning, how the show-makers never considered continuing the show without him, Parsons realized the gravity of his decision. Sharing his honest feelings, Parsons claimed, “I felt like a liar at that [first] table read, because I knew that at the end of these next 24 episodes, that was it for me. So I asked Chuck [Lorre] and Steve [Molaro] if we could talk”. 

Although Jim Parsons created a hard-to-handle situation for each of his co-workers, eventually things got fine when they realized it was their time as well, to move on. 

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