The Oscars ceremony is a much-awaited occasion in the film industry, with actors and filmmakers competing to make a mark on the stage. Despite being a highly anticipated event in the film industry, the Oscars ceremony can quickly turn into a nightmare for some individuals, especially when it comes to the host’s infamous jokes and the night can quickly become uncomfortable and unpleasant unlike the previous year’s Oscars, which were hosted by Chris Rock.

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2023 Oscars

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The 2023 Oscars were hosted by an American, comedian, writer, and producer Jimmy Kimmel. He is well-known for his sharp wit, satirical humor, and ability to seamlessly blend comedy with political commentary.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Stand On Last Year’s Slap Incident

Kimmel grew up in Las Vegas, where he began his career as a radio host before transitioning to television and now hosts his late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. He has also hosted several high-profile events, including the Emmy Awards and the Academy Awards, and is widely regarded as one of the most popular and influential television hosts of his generation.

Jimmy Kimmel To Host Oscars 2023
Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Opening Monologue

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Molly McNearney, the wife of host Kimmel, shared some backstage revelations about the 2023 Oscars awards which were foreseen on Sunday 12 march. She revealed that additional jokes about Will Smith were left out from the 95th Academy Awards’ final broadcast.

She stated. “We didn’t want to make this year all about last year,” and continued “I cannot tell you how many Will Smith jokes we had that then we got rid of. We think that only the best for that room made it. There were certainly some that went harder, but we didn’t think that was our place to do that. That should be Chris Rock, not us.”

Given his reputation for humorously teasing and ridiculing famous individuals, some may find it unexpected that he chose not to make Smith the subject of any potentially humiliating jokes at the 2023 Oscars.

A Throwback to Last Year’s Oscars

It is hard to believe that someone hasn’t heard about the Will Smith slap controversy at the 94th Oscars ceremony unless they have been living under a rock. The 2022 Oscars will be hosted by the successful and widely acclaimed comedian and actor Chris Rock.

Chris Rock and Will Smith Oscar 2022
Chris Rock and Will Smith

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During a stage event, Will Smith slapped filmmaker, actor, and comedian Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness, which provoke controversy and widespread discussion. The joke centered on the actress’s health condition, and it emphasized the delicate balance between pushing comedic boundaries and crossing the line.

The incident raised questions about the suitability of particular jokes and their impact on the individuals affected by them but over 55 years old, Kimmel avoided making things harder on the Smith-Rock slap incident and instead kept things light.

Source: Variety 

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