John Travolta is one of the most acclaimed actors in Hollywood and is also, single. However, he does not seem ready to put himself out there yet. After the unfortunate demise of his wife of three decades, Kelly Preston, in 2020, quite a few things have obviously been hard for him, and getting into a new relationship is one of them.

John Travolta
John Travolta in Grease

Losing family members is always hard and when that family member happens to be the love of someone’s life, it must hurt even more. Travolta seems to be still getting over that as an insider has recently claimed to a news outlet that he has been reluctant to put himself out there.

John Travolta is Allegedly Not Ready for a New Relationship

John Travolta in Pulp Fiction
John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

John Travolta began his career with TV roles before transitioning to lead actor status in mainstream cinema. Two of his most notable roles are Tony Manero in the dance drama Saturday Night Fever and Danny Zuko in the musical Grease. These movies were not only commercial hits but also catapulted the actor to international stardom.

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In 1988, Travolta was working on the movie The Experts when he met Kelly Preston. The two started dating soon and got married in 1991. The couple shared three children, late son Jett Travolta, daughter Ella Bleu Travolta, and another son Benjamin Travolta.

In 2020, the news of Preston’s passing after a two-year-long battle with breast cancer shocked the world because her diagnosis was not known. A family representative told PEOPLE that she had chosen to keep it private.

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It has been almost four years since her demise, but Travolta is still not ready to move on. A source recently told Closer:

“John is afraid to open up, to be vulnerable again and fall in love, which is very sad because he’s the kindest, nicest guy and he has one of the biggest hearts of anyone we know.”

The source also told the outlet that the Academy Award-nominated actor does have too much work pressure currently, and practicing his religion of Scientology has also not been at the top of his priorities since his wife’s passing.

John Travolta Almost Got Into a Relationship with Co-star Kristin Davis

John Travolta and Kristina Davis in a still from Cash Out
John Travolta and Kristin Davis in a still from Cash Out

The Pulp Fiction star might not be willing to get serious, but he came close to getting into a relationship with his Cash Out co-star Kristin Davis. An insider claimed to Closer earlier last month that Travolta had the time of his life during the movie’s filming, and everyone was in awe of the chemistry between him and Davis. The source said:

“He’s totally smitten with her, thinks she’s adorable. They’re both single, and they really like each other, so of course everyone wants them to date.”

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The insider also revealed that Travolta’s biggest cheerleaders for getting into a relationship with Davis were his children, Ella Travolta and Benjamin Travolta.

“The most surprising people on the John and Kristin romance bandwagon are John’s kids, Ella and Ben. While no one could replace their mom, they think Kristin is great and that their dad should get back out there and start having fun.”

In addition to this, the insider also said that the actress would be willing to date Travolta. Hopefully, the Golden Globe winner will soon be able to be more open to dating.

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