According to reports, Johnny Depp hired one of his lawyers after seeing her in Netflix’s docuseries Making A Murderer. Kathleen Zellner, who shot to international fame after taking on Steven Avery as a client in the documentary, served as a case consultant for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in his multi-million dollar defamation claim in the United States.

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial dominated the news for six weeks, until jury in Fairfax, Virginia decided that both parties had been defamed during their ugly divorce in 2016. Depp was granted USD 15 million in damages after a jury found that his ex-wife had defamed him in an op-ed published in The Washington Post in 2018. Many on social media, who had been rooting for Depp from the beginning, were pleased with the outcome.

Johnny Depp – Amber Heard

Kathleen Zellner Described How She Was Contacted By Johnny Depp

Kathleen Zellner

Speaking to the Law & Crime Network following the verdict, Zellner said: “He called me and left a voicemail at my office.

“I didn’t really believe that it was Johnny Depp at all, but it sounded like him and he left the phone number and just said he wanted to talk to me.”

She added: “It was indicative to me of the fact that he was innocent, because he said, ‘I saw on Making a Murderer, where you said that you’d be the last person someone would hire if they were guilty, because you would find out about it’.

“And I was very struck with that that that’s what motivated him to contact me.”

Zellner also lauded the actor’s legal team, saying that his testimony was “not an act,” and that the actor was a “very humble and sincere person.”

The ‘forensic evidence,’ according to Zellner, is the reason Heard lost the case


“It failed on the forensic evidence,” she noted, “those beating and abuse she described did not happen,”. “I’ve been doing criminal cases for over thirty years and the forensic evidence simply wasn’t there. She just did not suffer those injuries.”

Depp denies ever attacking Heard physically or sexually. He was not in court on Wednesday since he is currently in the United Kingdom, and he was seen in a Newcastle pub only seconds before the decision was given out.

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