When Christian Bale got to know that Johnny Depp would be in the film Public Enemies, he began distancing himself from the Pirates of the Caribbean star. As far as Depp is concerned, he does not want to know much about him. Public Enemies is a crime-based movie that came in the year 2009. Bale said he was not interested in talking to Depp and the latter did not seem to mind it much either

The Batman actor didn’t want to speak with his co-star Depp about the movie or interact with him. As an actor, he has great talent and a perfect sense of acting. The Dark Knight trilogy, starring Christian Bale, has gained worldwide recognition for its success and is considered to be the best superhero movie series of all time. It is quite shocking for the fans that the two actors with such great talents did not want to interact more. 

Christian Bale and Johnny Depp
Christian Bale and Johnny Depp during an afterparty

Christian Bale and Johnny Depp played the main leads in Public Enemies

Public Enemies is a movie based on a true story about a man who was a robber named John Dillinger. As a result of the Great Depression, he committed several crimes. The role of Melvin Purvis was played by Christian Bale in the film, while Johnny Depp played the role of Dillinger. Directed by Michael Mann, the movie was a big success at the box office.

Because the movie’s story was so charming, The Prestige actor was impressed. In addition, he decided to be a part of it because it would help him in his career. Meanwhile, he was also working on the Terminator Salvation project simultaneously. It has led Bale to ask the Public Enemies makers if they can extend the timeframe for his shoot.

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Christian Bale
Christian Bale in Public Enemies as Melvin Purvis

Christian Bale wanted to be professional with Johnny Depp

There was no conversation between Depp and Bale on the film’s set. Both of them hardly interacted with one another on a personal level. According to Bale, he did not know much about Depp when asked about him. Moreover, he even praised Depp’s acting skills in his previous movies.

An interview Bale gave Collider revealed the following: “He does his own thing. He makes exciting choices and makes a real variety of movies. I find that interesting. I think he naturally found Dillinger to be a fascinating character and did a superb job with it”.

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Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp in Public Enemies as John Dillinger

During the talk between Bale and Depp, Bale wished to keep the tone of the discussion professional throughout. Depp’s reaction to this was that he did not mind anything at all. 

“I didn’t want to talk unless it was while we were doing a scene; I enjoy it that way.” the actor the Batman actor said, as reported by Wales Online.

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