The upcoming miniseries of Juggernaut showcases Cain Marko in a no-holds-barred battle opposing the Immortal Hulk, just for keeping the fate of Krakoa safe. With the joining of X-Men’s oldest foes into the nation-state of Krakoa, the mutant paradise’s unlikely saviour could be the Juggernaut.

Juggernaut: The X-Men Villian

Juggernaut- The One Who Has Been X-Men Villian Since Years.
Juggernaut- The One Who Has Been X-Men Villian Since Years.

Nobody can stop Juggernaut! Or maybe that’s just his claim. In several decades as an X-Men villain, even Juggernaut himself would have had to admit that he has been stopped not only a few but quite several times. And the journey doesn’t seem to get any easier anyway, for old Juggy. He’ll be soon going up for battle against the Immortal Hulk.

The Fight

Did The Immortal Hulk insulted Krakoa's Honour?
Did The Immortal Hulk insulted Krakoa’s Honour?

The yet to be released version of June this year would show the Green Goliath’s monstrous incarnation insulting Krakoa’s honour.

The predictions and anticipations are based on the Marvel’s mini-solicits (it refers to the solicits coming before the actual solicits). However, few questions remain unclear, such as, What is Hulk exactly so mad about? Is Hulk still harbouring some grudge against the Juggernaut? Or to everyone’s surprise, maybe when Hulk said that he wants to “smash,” there’s a chance that he was not talking about fighting?

About The Issue

The Cover Animation of June Issue.
The Cover Animation of June Issue.
  • Juggernaut is probably not the only one who’s wake has left everyone with destruction all around. Even then, somehow, Juggernaut tends to think that it is now about time for IMMORTAL HULK to take in charge of responsibility for his actions! But now the question is, Is Juggernaut’s back to his old ways? Or is this his way of defending the mutant honour for the Krakoa?

The suspense will soon come to an end, and the mystery will unfold this June! Stay tuned!

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