The second season of Jujutsu Kaisen proved to be grim for all the fellow sorcerers, including one Megumi Fushiguro. With Gojo Satoru sealed, it’s up to Fushiguro and the remaining sorcerers to put a stop to Kenjaku before he can start the merger and prevent Sukuna from wreaking more havoc.

However, Fushiguro has had his hands full in the episode titled “Thunderclap”. Fushiguro’s biological father, Toji Fushiguro, mysteriously comes back to life amidst all the chaos in Shibuya. While Megumi tries to engage him in a battle, he is thoroughly overwhelmed by his father. Toji has already proven himself as a capable fighter, even managing to briefly counterattack Gojo Satoru.

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Toji’s actions revealed that he did not initially recognize his own son, which says a lot about their strained relationship. But this was also expected since Toji abandoned Megumi when he was barely a toddler. However, Toji killed himself after asking Megumi a question. Toji was glad to know that his son did not take the Zen’in clan name, after which he proceeded to stab himself to death.

Is Megumi Fushiguro Aware That Toji Fushiguro Was His Father?

Megumi Fushiguro
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Megumi Fushiguro and Toji Fushiguro shared a complicated relationship, as evident from the fact that they didn’t seem to recognize each other. However, the question is whether Megumi is aware that Toji was his father or not. And the answer is no.

Megumi had no idea that he was related to the man he fought against. In a 2021 interview with Kobayashi Kendo, Gege Akutami, the creator of Jujutsu Kaisen, revealed a terrible statement. They said:

I didn’t reveal Toji’s true identity to Megumi in his fight (in Shibuya) cuz I want Gojo to tell the truth.

An X user, @TheMelucifer, posted this statement from the interview along with a manga panel showing Gojo musing out loud that he asked Ieiri Shoko to handle telling the news to Megumi that Toji was his father. Needless to say, after the recent episodes no revelations are about to happen, so things will probably blow over later in the series.

Toji’s strained relationship with Megumi was intentional and orchestrated by Toji himself. How Toji handled his relationship with Megumi would prove critical in the coming years of the series. When Toji told Gojo that Megumi would be sold to the Zen’in family, Gojo “adopted” him. In his years growing up, Megumi grew up to despise the father who abandoned him and his sister. Later, he became indifferent towards his biological father.

Toji Fushiguro Ended Up Sentencing His Son To The Same Fate He Endured

Toji Fushiguro
Toji Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen | Crunchyroll

Toji Fushiguro’s horrible childhood is not a secret to the Jujutsu Kaisen fans. In fact, the poor childhood is a parallel running between Toji and Maki Zen’in. Both characters grew up without Cursed Energy in one of the most powerful families in Jujutsu society, the infamous Zen’in clan, causing them to be mistreated by their own families.

Megumi knew very little of his parents, but his actions in Jujutsu Kaisen already echoed that of his father. The Culling Game arc wrung out a darker side to the young Fushiguro, likely because of his rocky upbringing and everything he has endured till this point. Instead of saving his son from suffering a similar tragic childhood, Toji passed the traumatic cycle of hate down to Megumi.

Now that the Culling Game arc is at its peak and Jujutsu Kaisen itself is nearing its endgame, all eyes are on Megumi and how his story may end. Megumi’s arc was greatly influenced by Toji Fushiguro. Fans are both excited and worried to see if Megumi will escape his father’s shadow, or be trapped in the unending darkness forever.

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