Since Kanye West put himself into hot waters with his troubling and problematic remarks and actions, he has been called out by many of his fellow celebrities. Along with that, he has also been dropped by many of his corporate ties. The most recent one is his most prominent collaborator Adidas. The rapper has also been blocked from popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram since.

Recently, a veteran Hollywood actor Jenifer Lewis has also called out West for his hate speeches. While interviewing with The Pascal Show, she took the time to mention the rapper’s anti-semitic remarks and advised West to stop it as children also looked up to him.

What is the Kanye West Issue All about?

Kanye West
Kanye West

There are various remarks and comments that were made by Kanye West. All of them are considered under ‘hate speech’, and therefore they have breached the guidelines of social media platforms and even brands and corporates. The rapper made various anti-semitic comments via Twitter which deeply hurt the Jewish community and supporters. Many of his fans are also from the community, so the problematic comments were equally insensitive against them.

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Ye was banned from Twitter after that. Another of his racist act was donning apparel with the ‘White Lives Matter’ message on them. This phrase is linked with a racist and terrorist group known as the ‘Ku Klux Klan’. In the recent Paris Fashion Week, the rapper wore a T-shirt with the same message and since then he got called out once again by various celebrities. Jaden Smith who was one of the guests in the show left midway while Ye was making his introductory speech.

Kanye West
Kanye West

The Heartless rapper has also commented with racist slurs against The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Another big celebrity to call out West’s actions in public is Harry Styles. During his Love On tour, Styles secretly swapped his usual Adidas shoes with regular Vans. This was because at the time Adidas was still in collaboration with the rapper’s Yeezy brand. All of West’s major collaborators have cut ties with him since.

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Jenifer Lewis Publicly calls out Kanye West On His Anti-Semitic Remarks

Jenifer Lewis
Jenifer Lewis

In a recent interview with The Pascal Show, veteran actor Jenifer Lewis mentioned Kanye West to call him out on his problematic hate speeches. She did not hold back to deliver him a piece of advice. Lewis shared that she was sick of West. She said,

I don’t care what he’s dealing with, shut your f*king mouth. You go sit down somewhere, all those kids who look up to his a**.”

The Sister-Act star also acknowledged the rapper’s mental health issue. West is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Lewis shared she had also been at the same type of moment in her life referring to mental health. She added asking him to change saying, “Do it for your children, do it for the next generation they gave you everything.” The Black-ish actor further got emotional after asking West to stop the hate and to get help quickly during the interview.

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