Amid tons of controversies, Kanye West has been getting boycotted by fellow celebrities and brand deals. Currently, almost every corporate partner has cut ties with Kanye West except for a few such as Spotify.

The boycott started with West’s anti-Semitic tweet where he vowed to go “death con 3” on the Jewish people. This did not sit right with anyone and it deeply hurt the Jew community, especially those who were a fan of the rapper. Apart from that tweet, West has also made other problematic remarks and statements.

Although Kanye West has lost brand deals and big collaborations such as Balenciaga, Gap, Vogue Cut, and recently his biggest collaborator Adidas the resale websites and resellers have a different idea. The resale industries believe that West’s Yeezy shoe value is going to go up. And it seems that Kanye West has some good marketing skills up his sleeves.

Why is Kanye West losing corporate partners?

Kanye West
Kanye West

Following his very controversial anti-Semitic tweet, fellow celebrities and big names in the industry publicly called out Kanye West. The talent agency WME’s chief Ari Emmanuel requested all the corporate backers to cut ties with the Yeezy founder. Emmanuel specifically pointed at Spotify and Apple Music since they have not removed the rapper’s music from their platform yet. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently gave his reasons for not doing so. He explained that the rapper’s music did not contain hate speech and therefore did not violate Spotify’s policies. According to Ek, they cannot remove Kanye West’s music unless his record label asks for it.

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Kanye West
Yeezy Founder Kanye West

Aside from that, most brands have terminated their contract with West. Recently Adidas also cut ties with Yeezy. This happened after celebrities such as Harry Styles started boycotting Adidas itself for keeping ties with West despite his controversy.

The Yeezy founder was also blocked from social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter through which he has made many problematic remarks. The Heartless rapper once again got embroiled in controversy after he wore a white T-shirt with the slogan ‘White Lives Matter’. This slogan is linked to the white supremacist terrorist group Ku Klux Klan. Celebrities such as Jaden Smith publicly called out the rapper. Smith left the Paris Fashion Week (where West wore the T-shirt) midway while West was making his introductory speech.

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Resale Websites Think Yeezy Sale Will Go Up

Kanye West
Kanye West

After West’s boycott, a huge number of people are waiting to sell their Yeezy x Adidas shoes. The resale websites believe that there is going to be a huge profit from the resell. According to TMZ, the resale websites are motivated by profit, and at the moment Yeezy is exactly what they want.

Since Adidas is not collaborating with Yeezy anymore West will come up with a new design for Yeezy shoes. And this will consequently make the older version of Yeezy x Adidas go up in value. The resale websites and resellers will get a big chunk of money for the high value of the shoes. According to resale industries, as the supply goes down the value goes up. Kanye West is not going to face any loss instead he is going to make millions more from his Yeezy resales.

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