Jay-Z and Beyoncé were once very close to Kanye West. Back at the start of the decade, the two were best friends ‘goals’ for a whole generation. But fast forward 10 years, and the two don’t even talk to each other in person. The reasons for the breakdown are many. Kanye West marrying Kim Kardashian was one possible reason. The Donda rapper’s behavior could be another reason why the bond between the two burned out.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z ran into Kanye West on a date

Beyonce, Kanye West and Jay-Z
Old pals had a chance (unwanted) encounter

No matter what the reason, the two are not best friends now. Worse than acquaintances one would say. The High Art rapper even criticized his old pal a few years back famously for “bringing family” into their issues. Safe to say they are not on speaking terms.

And the last thing you could ask for is to talk to a friend you’ve not spoken to in a long time to show up when you’re on a date with your lady love. Jay-Z must be counting his stars because that is exactly what happened. The Yeezy founder showed up when he and Beyoncé were on their way to the popular eatery, Giorgio Baldi.

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Kanye West was there for a meet with some special people

Kanye West
Kanye West was there with Ray J and Milo Yiannopoulos

The Praise God rapper ran into Queen B and Hova, without anyone knowing that the other party was set to make an appearance there. And he wasn’t alone. He had some illustrious people to accompany him. He was there with right-wing British personality Milo Yiannopoulos and Ray-J, his baby mama’a infamous ex.

Probably not the kind of company Jay-Z and Beyoncé would want to be associated with. The trio must have sinister objects in their mind. It isn’t a mere coincidence that Kanye West, Milo and Nick Fuentes (also known for his white nationalist persona) would fly to Maryland and feature in Tim Pool’s podcast (who is also known for his right wing ideologies).

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z don’t have time for drama

Jay Z and Beyonce
Beyonce and Jay-Z have better things to look forward to

The Bound 2 rapper is running into all sorts of trouble ever since the White Lives Matter shirt fiasco at Paris Fashion Week. Add to the mix his anti-semitic remarks and you happen to have a recipe for disaster. The 45-year-old is still reeling from the weight of those. It is only natural that anyone associated with him will also face the heat.

That is why the run-in didn’t become anything serious. After all Zay-J and Beyoncé were there for another reason. They were there to celebrate Beyoncé tying Jay-Z for most Grammy Award nominations of all time: 88 each. They are at the top of their game currently, unlike a certain former pal of theirs.

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