What started as a gag Facebook event has turned into one of the best, most unsafe, and bizarre tales on the net. According to the initial page, the individuals that intend on storming Area 51 has now reached over 1.7 million.  Area 51 is the long-suspected location of federal government unusual research.


Population Prepares To Raid Area 51

Population Prepares To Raid Area 51

In the brief quantity of time given that the tale’s emerged, social media sites have heated. According to The Washington Post, many resorts around the Nevada community are currently reserved. It’s worrying that there’s at least a tiny portion of people that take this call to activity seriously. After that, there’ve been some intriguing developments popping up on the web. And the most up to date can be found in the type of an unusual request.


Katy Perry Fans Bringing In Ideas

It seems that followers of Katy Perry have been seeking (through Twitter) to have the significant pop celebrity do her song “E.T.” at the raid. You can check out a few of the shocking tweets yourself listed below.





Katy Perry Has Highest Number Of Followers

The “Teenage Dream” vocalist has yet to reply to the invite. She has one of the most Twitter fans of anybody in the entire world. She has 107.7 million, about 500,000 more than previous President Barack Obama) So, it’s unlikely she’s heard of it.


And if common sense suggests anything anymore, with any luck, Perry won’t be joining whoever else appears to Area 51. The Air Force has reached recognizing the event, and also, in fact, advising people versus it.


Watch the music video for E.T here:


Source: We got this covered, Comicbook


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