Fortnite is a really fun game filled with multiplayer shenanigans for players of all ages. It’s an addiction, particularly for children that want nothing more than unlocking one more outfit in the game. And now it has gotten to a point where people are doing something about it.

As stated in the Twitter thread, some parents have begun sending their kids off to video game rehabilitation programs. “This game is like heroin,” notes Lorrine Marer, who serves as a British behavioural specialist. “Once you are hooked, it’s hard to get unhooked.”

Here’s the report of this posted by TicToc:

And others have also pointed out their concerns about kids playing too much in Fortnite, with many seeing their child’s grades and sleep affected by the game.

And well, it’s not just children. In UK, Fortnite was responsible behind 200 divorces. Twitter user Jesse Feldef had something to explain that further, along with the news that some pro athletes are also knees deep into the game.

Fortnite has passed more than 200 million registered players, becoming a popular game in the market at the moment.

Epic Games hasn’t made any note of this until now but some fans are nothing that they aren’t ready to blame, and it’s just a matter of bad parenting.

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