Kim Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Ray J’s NSFW tape is in the highlights now due to the recent discussion on the topic when the former’s mother Kris Jenner shared her thoughts on whether she was involved in leaking her daughter’s s*x tape. While the Kardashian matriarch denied the allegations of her involvement in the dealing of the tape, the former’s ex came forward to counterattack Jenner with proof that the mother-daughter duo lied about the same.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner
Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

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All About Kim Kardashian’s NSFW Tape With Ray J

Kim Kardashian
 The 41-year-old socialite Kim Kardashian

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The 41-year-old socialite Kim Kardashian and singer Ray J were involved in a romantic relationship back in 2002 when the former was working as a stylist for his sister, singer Brandy.

After their on-and-off relationship which lasted till 2007, the ex-couple became headlines due to their infamous s*x tape. The NSFW tape was released the same year and was made during Kardashian’s birthday celebrations in 2002.

The topic went back into the spotlight ever since it was brought on The Kardashians with the SKIMS founder, a little later opened up about the other tapes which were brought by her ex-husband Kanye West after meeting with Ray J.

However, the 41-year-old rapper slammed the makeup mogul stating that he never had a single tape at his home adding that the Kardashian always had it in her house.

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He even mentioned that the mother-daughter duo was involved in the leaking of the former couple’s NSFW tape, “All of the meetings and convos about the plan — date and times of our meetings and the whole lie you and Kris planned this since the beginning.” However, the momager has already denied the allegations in a recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden. 

Kim Kardashian Allegedly Sued The Company That Released Her S*x Tape

Ray J and Kim Kardashian
Ex-couple Ray J and Kim Kardashian

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The former couple’s NSFW tape was released by Vivid Entertainment, an American p**nographic film production company with the company’s President, Steve Hirsch stating that the 66-year-old momager had no role in the selling of the tape.

The rapper’s 44-minute diatribe has not mentioned Kris Jenner dealing with the distribution of her daughter’s NSFW tape, he did share that she was involved in choosing the best one.

According to the singer as per TMZ, there were two different tapes, with one shot in Cabo while the other in Santa Barbara stating the momager watched them and chose the one in which Kardashian looked the best. He also added that the 41-year-old SKIMS founder was involved in the dealing, and had signatures and fingerprints on the contract, he signed with the company.

However, Hirsch mentioned that the company purchased the tape from a “third party” for $1 million. According to the reports, Kardashian sued the company for claiming that she didn’t authorize the release of the tape. She dropped the case in late April 2007, settling for $5 million. As per the outlet, it was taken off the market after a couple of months when a “third party” bought it from the company.

Source: TMZ

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