Kim Kardashian has appeared in the news for various reasons for the past year. The Beauty Mogul is a controversial figure and is popular in the media due to her personal and professional life. The latest news covering the entrepreneur is she has got a restraining order against a man who has tried to enter her house many times.

Kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian

There is enough on Kardashian’s plate with the Balenciaga brand scandal, and now she has a stalker. The mother of four is stalked by a man again, and his claims are strange than before. Following this, Kim Kardashian has taken legal action to avoid any risks.

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Kim Kardashian is stalked by a man with bizarre claims

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has taken legal action against her recent stalker. She has got a restraining order against the man who tried to break into her house twice in August 2022. The SKIMS founder received a five-year temporary order from the court against Andre Persaud. The man in question is not allowed to approach Kardashian or get within 100 yards of her. Persaud is forbidden from owning any firearm, and if posses any needs to surrender.

The 42-year-old star testified in court, claiming the man tried to break into her house thrice and was armed. He also claimed that Kardashian and he were contacting “telepathically.” Kim Kardashian said, “He presented a letter seeking to be my business partner. I am informed that he stated he traveled to CA for the purpose of meeting me. I have never contacted him. He expressed his frustration that I had not responded to him.”

Kardashian was worried that the man could physically harm someone since he confessed to her security guard of owning a gun. She also revealed that Persaud tried to gain access to her hotel room during her time in New York. The court has granted her a temporary order and the full hearing is due next month. Kim Kardashian was not present for the hearing but her legal team was there.

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Kim Kardashian ditches Balenciaga post controversial campaign 

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Kim Kardashian with son Saint West

With the controversy revolving around Kim Kardashian regarding the Balenciaga campaign, the SKIMS founder changed her look. Kim K had a busy weekend in Miami at the Art Basel. There she unveiled a new hair color, gave up her go-to Balenciaga look amid the brands continuing crisis, and partied with a host of A-listers.

Kardashian came back to Los Angeles to celebrate her son Saint’s 7th birthday. The mother of four posted a message on her Instagram for her son, “Happy 7th Birthday to my baby boy. I love you so so so much! I love seeing you grow into the kindest soul ever. Mommy loves you forever and ever.”
Kardashian posted on her Instagram story, Grammy Award-winning pianist Philip Cornish playing “Happy Birthday” in her sizable living room for her kid.

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